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In the Slovak steel company U. S. Steel reduced the number of employees

9 August 2019
In the Slovak steel company U. S. Steel reduced the number of employees

The American company U. S. Steel has a steel plant in Slovakia. It is called U. S Steel Kosice (USSK). In turn, the mill has several separate divisions. It is reported that the company intends to reduce the number of employees of the plant. This will be done until the end of 2021. It is reported that the state will be reduced by about 20%. In quantitative terms, they are reduced by 2.5 thousand people. This solution explains the urgent need. Currently, there is a difficult market conditions. The company difficult to compete with other companies. Because for the safety of the business, she is forced to take such a step.

It is interesting that U. S. Steel again made guilty of their competitors. However, she acknowledged that the causes of the difficulties, not only in this. The company’s management said that it is undergoing difficult times. In recent years significantly increased the volume of expenses of the enterprise. This is due to the fact that the increased electricity tariffs. Also five-fold increase in payments for carbon emissions. For comparison, the data taken in the summer of last year. All this together had a negative impact on the company’s activities. Naturally deteriorated its financial and production results.

At the end of last month the facility has already changed. So I had to stop one blast furnace. So now there are 2. It had to be done in order to reduce the costs. In addition, the main consumers are the enterprises of automotive industry. But now the European Union is gradually moving to the production of electric cars. Because of the steel plant’s products are not so popular.

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