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Stainless steel perforated sheets

Stainless steel perforated sheets


Compared with black metal perforated sheet, stainless steel has higher corrosion resistance and significantly lower weight with the same strength. Strength steel will allow to make the sheet thinner. In addition, the weight of the structure is reduced due to the presence of performative holes. The advantages include the availability of all types of processing, attractive appearance. Such a sheet does not require a long time to repair or replace, can be operated in the most demanding conditions.


Perforated stainless steel sheet is made of steel 08H18N10 (AISI 304). It is produced by cold rolled method. The standard thickness is 0.8−1.0 mm, cut out dimensions 1000x2000; 1250x2500 mm with square, rectangular, round, hexagonal, oblong perforations. There is a possibility of decorative perforations of various shapes with laser precision equipment. Round and square holes make one beneath the other in straight rows, or changing one number to another. Sheet General purpose has two degrees of traction — deep — G and normal — N; and three degrees of surface quality. Sheet, designed for cold stamping has four degrees of quality. Perforated sheet today is a popular type of stainless steel flat rolled metal. It is supplied in rolls or flat sheets.

Percentage composition of the steel grade AISI304.

Mark Ni         Cr C Si Mn P S Fe
AISI 304 8,0 — 10,5         18,0 — 20,0 0.08 max 1,0 2,0 0,045 0,030 Basis

Mechanical properties of AISI304 at room temperature.

Features At least Typical
Fatigue resistance, N/mm2 - 240
Elongation to break A5 in % 40 60
Brinell hardness — HB - 170
Limit durable. m Rp, N/mm2 (tension) 515 600
Elasticity N/mm2 Rp 0,2, (0.2%) (creep) 205 310


Perforated stainless steel sheet 08H18N10 brand meets the highest requirements. It is made of high quality steel, resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, can operate in aggressive environment, due to which demand the chemical industry. Steel AISI 304 can be operated in a very wide temperature range in almost every industrial sector. Consumers are attracted among other qualities — excellent weldability, which has no restrictions.

Perforated sheet is widely used for mounting of lightweight welded structures industry, agriculture. Builders use it for the construction of fences, anti-slip coatings, stair cases, etc… Excellent quality allows to use it in the interior offices, clubs, restaurants.

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