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SV-07Х19Н10Б - 1.4550 - er347 stainless steel welding wire

SV-07Х19Н10Б - 1.4550 - er347 stainless steel welding wire

Counterparts wire ER 347:

Russia: St-07Х19Н9Б SV-06Х19Н9Т

ESAB OK Autrod 347Si


Solid welding wire for chromium-Nickel steels brand ER 347, stabilized by addition of titanium or niobium, provides high resistance to oxidation and intergranular corrosion, high seam quality and widely used in food and petrochemical industry, mechanical engineering and power industry. This wire is also designed to weld chromium-Nickel stainless steel 12X18H9T, 304, 08H18N10, 08CR18NI10TI, 347, 308, and identical them argon (shielding gas) Ar2+(1−3%)O2; Ar2 + (1−5%) WITH2.

Recommended gas mixture:

M12 Mixed gas Ar+ 0.5−5% CO2 or M13 Mixed gas Ar+ 0.5−3% O2

Classification of wire The standard chemical composition of weld metal Standard mechanical properties of deposited metal

AWS A5.9: ER 347Si

ISO 14343-A: G 19 9 NbSi

Ni — 9,9

Mo — 0,1

Nb — 0,6

C — 0,05

Mn — 1,4

Si — 0,7

Cr — 19,2

Tensile strength

M12: 650 MPa

Yield strength

M12: 460 MPa


M12: 35%

KV M12:

+20°C 100Дж

-196°C 40Дж

Dimensions and packaging.

Diameter, mm Article Packaging
0,8 582253 15kg spool BS300
1,0 581249 15kg spool BS300
1,2 581256 15kg spool BS300
Name Article Diameter,
OK Autrod 347Si 1611089820 0,8 840,0 15,0 15,0
OK Autrod 347Si 1611109820 1,0 840,0 15,0 15,0
OK Autrod 347Si 1611129820 1,2 840,0 15,0 15,0
OK Autrod 347Si 1611084600 0,8 750,0 5,0 5,0
OK Autrod 347Si 1611104600 1,0 750,0 5,0 5,0
OK Autrod 347Si 1611169820 1,6 840,0 15,0 840,0


Stainless welding wire used for welding products stainless steel rolled products. In this case, it is possible to use simple electrodes of carbon (black) metal, which leads to a significant reduction in the quality of the weld seam. This property makes stainless steel welding wire almost indispensable. Wire ER 347 is intended for welding stainless steels are chromium-Nickel grades 12X18H9T, 304, 08H18N10, 08CR18NI10TI, 347, 308, and identical them in the protective environment of argon or Ar2+(1−3%)O2; Ar2+(1−5%),2 and is widely used in food and petrochemical industry, mechanical engineering, energy. This wire is used for MiG, TIG, hard steel and welded hardfacing, and for welding corrosion-resistant austenitic-manganese steels, with high tensile strength, high carbon steel dissimilar operating at temperatures of -120°C to +300 °C. Stainless steel wire ER 347 is used in the welding process with the use of TIG machines and semi-automatic.


This wire is alloyed with molybdenum, silicon, which eliminates crystalline corrosion and provides a high quality weld. It is indispensable in chemical, oil industry, machine building and food industry. It is made of high-alloy heat-resistant steel, which has the ability to withstand various aggressive environments, high resistance before the corrosion and most other mechanical influences. designed semi-automatic and argon arc welding for welding and is difficult to be welded steels, and for welding of austenitic-manganese corrosion-resistant steels, steels with high tensile strength, high carbon and dissimilar steels operated at t°-120°C to +300 °C.


There are three types of wire: wire activated (in its composition of metal powders which is less than 5%); a solid section wire used when welding semi-automatic devices and machines, in particular in the manufacture of electrodes; flux-cored wire. The materials used in the welding process, are divided on the isolation, modification and some other properties. Physical characteristics of the wire ductility is divided into first and second class. Depending on the method of processing the wire is divided into bright and blue. The first method is more common. If damaged wire is not recommended its use, since this can considerably lower the quality of the weld seam. Hardfacing process is an integral part of any steel production. They incorporate a variety of metal.

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