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Mesh cloth woven filter cloth

Mesh cloth woven filter cloth

Of the three main types of weaving metal, plastic nets (linen, twill, galloon) for filters are more commonly used galvanic weaving. The name came from the technology of manufacturing military items — galloons, that is, ribbons or strips of gold or silver braid.


It turns out that if the wire of the base is thicker than that of the duck, and even go into two or three threads, then the so-called zero cell is obtained. That is, it will not be square or rectangular, but it will not be visible at all. Everything will be tightly closed due to the fact that the material of the base is thicker than the material of the duck. Nevertheless, the throughput of such a weave is preserved. The pattern of the weave goes into three wires, so it looks very nice.


The size of the galvanic section is determined not by the size of the cell, but by the number of wires per inch or 26 mm in length. The grid number corresponds to the number of wires per given length. The larger the number, the smaller the diameter of the wire. The mesh with numbers from 20 to 200 is produced. Weave is made according to GOST 3187−76. Denote by a letter and a number. For example, linen, P28 with a diameter of 0.6 / 0.4 mm (base / weft) with a roll width of 1000 mm. Or C56 with 0.5 / 0.37 wire made of stainless steel with a roll width of 1000 mm.


The braid is made of copper, black steel, plastic. The strength of a stainless wire is, of course, higher than that of polyamide materials. Woven filter cloths of the lace wicker are manufactured 1) with high accuracy (low tolerance), 2) with a lower precision of manufacture (greater tolerance). The former are used for drying, filtering solutions, suspensions, dusty gases. Coarse (large) tolerance is often used for the sifting of dry materials, as a reinforcing structure.


To determine the size of the transmitted particles, use a unit of measurement called the lengthening of the weave. This is the ratio of the interaxial distance between the wires of the base to the diameter of this wire. The normal ratio is 5 or 6. The deviation from this standard decreases the so-called hydraulic porosity of the grid.

If the grid is used for a downhole filter, it needs to be selected correctly. You can skip sand, taken from the aquifer through the samples of a grid of different numbers. Select it so that the smallest sand that has passed through the filter does not damage the pump station. If the cell is close to the size of a grain of sand, it will clog. Smaller sand will pass without clogging the system. The larger one will be screened out. Also the filter is protected from damage by large stones. The intake pipe is closed from the outside by a piece with holes of 2… 3 cm in diameter. It stops large fragments near the pipe, thus forming an additional filter.

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