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Titanium, titanium products

Titanium, titanium products

Titanium VT1−0, VT3−1. Prices, buy, quality, availability, lots of choice, custom: Buy in LLC «AVEK global». The price of the metal.

This section reflects the price of titanium and its products are supplied by LLC «AVEK global».

Prices may vary depending on the number of products.

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The price for the products of the company"AVEK global"
Room Type of hire Mark Material Dimensions Price
1 leaves W 1−0 Titan 1х800x2000 negotiable
2 leaves W 1−0 Titan 1х600x1500 negotiable
3 leaves W 1−0 Titan 1х1000x2000 negotiable
4 leaves W 1−0 Titan 1,5x1000x2000 negotiable
5 leaves W 1−0 Titan 2х1000x2000 negotiable
6 leaves W 1−0 Titan 3х1000x2000 negotiable
7 leaves W 1−0 Titan 4х1000x2000 negotiable
8 leaves W 1−0 Titan 6x1000x2000 negotiable
9 leaves W 1−0 Titan 8x1000x1000 negotiable
10 leaves W 1−0 Titan 10x1000x2000 negotiable
11 leaves W 1−0 Titan 12x1000x2000 negotiable
12 leaves W 1−0 Titan 20x800x1200 negotiable
13 leaves FROM 4−1 Titan 12x830x1200 negotiable
14 leaves W 6 Titan 10x1000x2000 negotiable
15 leaves W 6 Titan 50x860x1100 negotiable
16 leaves ПТ3В Titan 5х1000x1500 negotiable
17 rod W 1−0 Titan F4 negotiable
18 rod W 1−0 Titan F10 negotiable
19 rod W 1−0 Titan F12 negotiable
20 rod W 1−0 Titan ф14 negotiable
21 rod W 1−0 Titan F16 negotiable
22 rod W 1−0 Titan F20 negotiable
23 rod W 1−0 Titan F22 negotiable
24 rod W 1−0 Titan F35 negotiable
25 rod W 1−0 Titan F40 negotiable
26 rod W 1−0 Titan ф55 negotiable
27 rod W 1−0 Titan ф60 negotiable
28 rod W 1−0 Titan ф65 negotiable
29 rod W 1−0 Titan ф70 negotiable
30 rod W 1−0 Titan F80 negotiable
31 rod W 1−0 Titan ф90 negotiable
32 rod W 3−1 Titan ф110 negotiable
33 rod W 3−1 Titan ф120 negotiable
34 rod W 5 Titan ф25 negotiable
35 rod W 5 Titan ф60 negotiable
36 rod W 5 Titan ф100 negotiable
37 rod W 5−1 Titan ф70 negotiable
38 rod W 6 Titan ф68 negotiable
39 rod W 6 Titan ф70 negotiable
40 rod W 6 Titan F80 negotiable
41 rod W 8 Titan ф55 negotiable
42 rod W 15 Titan ф70 negotiable
43 rod W 16 Titan F4 negotiable
44 rod W 16 Titan F6 negotiable
45 rod W 16 Titan F10 negotiable
46 rod W 16 Titan F10.5 negotiable
47 rod W 16 Titan ф14 negotiable
48 rod W 20 Titan F20 negotiable
49 rod W 20 Titan ф25 negotiable
50 rod W 22 Titan F50 negotiable
51 rod W 22 Titan ф55 negotiable
52 rod W 22 Titan ф110 negotiable
53 rod W 23 Titan ф30 negotiable
54 rod 4 Titan F20 negotiable
55 rod 4 Titan ф55 negotiable
56 rod 4 Titan F80 negotiable
57 rod 4 Titan ф100 negotiable
58 rod FROM 4−0 Titan F10 negotiable
59 rod FROM 4−0 Titan F50 negotiable
60 rod FROM 4−0 Titan F80 negotiable
61 rod ПТ3В Titan F16 negotiable
62 rod ПТ3В Titan F35 negotiable
63 rod ПТ3В Titan F40 negotiable
64 rod ПТ3В Titan ф60 negotiable
65 rod ПТ3В Titan ф90 negotiable
66 rod ПТ3В Titan ф250 negotiable
67 wire VT1−00 Titan F2 negotiable
68 wire VT1−00 Titan F3 negotiable
69 wire 2B Titan F1 negotiable
70 strip W 1−0 Titan 0,07x180 negotiable
71 strip W 1−0 Titan 0,2x200 negotiable
72 strip W 1−0 Titan 0,15x40 negotiable
73 strip W 1−0 Titan 0,5x200 negotiable
74 pipe W 1−0 Titan 2,5x0,35 negotiable
75 pipe W 1−0 Titan 3x0,35 negotiable
76 pipe W 1−0 Titan 4x0,8 negotiable
77 pipe W 1−0 Titan 4x0,9 negotiable
78 pipe W 1−0 Titan 6х0,5 negotiable
79 pipe W 1−0 Titan 6x1,0 negotiable
80 pipe W 1−0 Titan 8х0,8 negotiable
81 pipe W 1−0 Titan 8x1,0 negotiable
82 pipe W 1−0 Titan 10x1,0 negotiable
83 pipe W 1−0 Titan 12x0,5 negotiable
84 pipe W 1−0 Titan 12x2,0 negotiable
85 pipe W 1−0 Titan 13x1,0 negotiable
86 pipe W 1−0 Titan 14x1,85 negotiable
87 pipe W 1−0 Titan 16x1,8 negotiable
88 pipe W 1−0 Titan 18x0,6 negotiable
89 pipe W 1−0 Titan 18x2,5 negotiable
90 pipe W 1−0 Titan 19x0,8 negotiable
91 pipe W 1−0 Titan 20x2,0 DL.1−1,5 negotiable
92 pipe W 1−0 Titan 21 x 2.2 negotiable
93 pipe W 1−0 Titan 22x2,0 negotiable
94 pipe W 1−0 Titan 25x3 negotiable
95 pipe W 1−0 Titan 27x3,5 negotiable
96 pipe W 1−0 Titan 28x3,5 negotiable
97 pipe W 1−0 Titan 30x2,0 negotiable
98 pipe W 1−0 Titan 32x2,0 negotiable
99 pipe W 1−0 Titan 34x0,3 negotiable
100 pipe W 1−0 Titan 35x2,0 negotiable
101 pipe W 1−0 Titan 38x2,0 negotiable

The story of Titan

This element was discovered in 1789, but for a long period was not used anywhere due to its low processability. Titanium of high purity, which was obtained in 1925, turned out to be quite practical and valuable for use.


Titanium is characterized by such positive qualities, as low density, high specific strength, resistance to corrosion and high temperatures. It is used in the aerospace, aviation, chemical industry as well as in a production environment. He also found the widest application in welding.


For industrial purposes titanium alloys were first used during the creation of jet engines. This helped reduce their weight by 15−20%. From this metal is also produced spare parts for compressors, various fasteners and components. The company «AVEK global» offers high quality titanium raw materials at affordable prices. We will remind that else recently the General price level on Titan was very high. When using titanium in aircraft design he established himself as a:

· a material with advantages and improved characteristics in comparison with aluminum in a conventional aircraft;

· material for supersonic aircraft, compared to unhealthy in extreme situations, metals and materials.

Titanium hull designs play an invaluable role in the industrial sector. They facilitate a specific gravity of product, so they are widely used in modern rocket, aviation, and machine construction. From this produce of the wings, engines, lightweight body.

Buy at best price

The company «AVEK global» specializiruetsya on the sale of any metal alloys. We offer titanium products from warehouses in Russia and Ukraine with delivery to any region of the CIS and abroad. All products are certified and available. The price depends on order volume and additional conditions. Deliveries are made promptly. When wholesale purchases are offered preferential discounts.