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Incoloy, Inconel, Nimonic, Hastelloy, haynes

Incoloy, Inconel, Nimonic, Hastelloy, haynes

Large assortment of Nickel-based alloys in stock LLC «AVEK global» can satisfy any consumer. The quality of the finished product is ensured absolute compliance with all technological norms of production. The order execution time is the shortest. If you have any questions, you will receive detailed advice from experienced managers. In the implementation of wholesale orders the company provides flexible system of discounts.

Short marochnik foreign specialty steels and stainless steel alloys

GOST GOST DIN UNS or Round Wire Sheet Forging Pipe
NP-2 Nickel 200 Nr. W. 2.4060
Nr. W. 2.4066
NP-2 Nickel 201 Nr. W. 2.4061
Nr. W. 2.4068
Monel Mngmt 28−2,5−1,5 Monel 400® Nr. W. 2.4360
Nr. W. 2.4361
  405 Monel®   N04405            
  Monel K500®   N05500            
~ KHN60VT Inconel 600® Nr. W. 2.4816 N06600 ~ ЭИ868          
~ KHN60VT Inconel 601® Nr. W. 2.4851 N06601 ~ ЭИ868          
~ ХН56МВКЮ Inconel 617® Nr. W. 2.4663 N06617 ~ ЭП109          
KHN75MBTJU Inconel 625® Nr. W. 2.4856 N06625 ЭИ602          
~ KHN60JU Inconel 718® Nr. W. 2.4668 N07718 ~ ЭИ559А          
KHN70MVTJUB Inconel X 750® Nr. W. 2.4669 N07750 ЭИ598          
KHN32T Incoloy 800® Nr. W. 1.4876 N08800 ЭИ670          
KHN32T Incoloy 800H® Nr. W. 1.4876 N08810 ЭИ670          
KHN32T Incoloy 800HT® Nr. W. 1.4876 N08811 ЭИ670          
~ KHN38VT Incoloy 825® Nr. W. 2.4858 N08825 ~ ЭП703          
  Hastelloy C22® Nr. W. 2.4602 N06022            
~ KHN65MVU Hastelloy C276® Nr. W. 2.4819 N10276 ~ ЭП760          
Н70МФ Hastelloy B-2®   N10665 EP 49          
  Hastelloy X® Nr. W. 2.4665 N06002            
  Vascomax 250® / Maraging C250   92890 K            
  Vascomax 300® / Maraging C300   93120 K            
  Vascomax 350® / Maraging C350                
  Rene 41®   07041 N            
  Multimet N155®   30155 R            
  Haynes 25®   30605 R            
  Haynes 188®   30188 R            
  Waspalloy®   07001 N            
  MP35N®   30035 R            
  MP159®   30159 R            
  Cobalt Alloy 6B   30006 R            
36N Invar 36® Nr. W. 1.3912 93600 K            
42N Invar 42®   94200 K            
29NK Kovar®   94610 K            
79NM Permalloy®                
  Al6XN®   N 08367            
  Ni-Span® C902   09902 N            
  Jethete® M152   S64152            
  Alloy A286   S66286            
  Alloy 330   N08330 N            
Form of delivery
Name Long, mm Diameter, mm Width, mm Thickness, mm
Round 500−5000 1−300    
Sheet g/K 700−2000   700−1000 3.5−28
Sheet of Kh/K 700−2000   700−1000 0.02−3.2
wire   0.016−12    
  Outer diameter Length Wall Note
Pipe 0.5−325 1000−9000 0.05−24 The weight of the pipe not more than 350 kg

Inconel (Inconel)

High-temperature Nickel-based alloy Inconel in its composition contains up to 15% Cr and 9% Fe. The alloy was developed in USA for the manufacture of jet engines. Domestic analogues of the alloy are ХН73МБТЮ and KHN80TBJU. This alloy to a temperature of 900 °C has high toughness and strength, while at lower temperature (-78°C) Inconel is no sensitivity to the incision.

Inconel is easily welded, for hardening welded joints heat treatment is carried out.


Superalloy Nimonic Nickel-based, developed in 1942 in the UK at the company «Monde nickel company». Nimonic contains in its structure aluminum, titanium, and chromium. Domestic analogues of the alloy are ХН55ВМТФКЮ and KHN80TBJU. To obtain the required properties, and has developed a number of varieties alloy, which contain Al and 0.5−6% Ti -0,2−4%, Cr -10−21%. Legarrette alloy with molybdenum not more than 6%, cobalt not more than 22%, and other components. The melting point of the alloy varies depending on the chemical. composition and varies in the temperature range of 1310 — 1390 °C, it can be used the best grades at a temperature not exceeding 1000 °C. Nimonic easily amenable to hot working under pressure and much more difficult to cold treatment. It is produced in the form of sheets, pipes, forgings, rods. From Nimonic to produce parts of jet engines in aviation, rocket science .

Haseleu (Hastelloy)

The Nickel-based alloy Hastelloy, resistant to corrosion. Hasteloy in its composition contains chromium up to 23%, iron up to 29%, molybdenum up to 30%, carbon up to 0.15%. Domestic analogues of the alloy are Н70М28Ф and Х15Н65М16 V. Some of the brands of alloy alloyed with W 5%, Si not more than 10%, not more than 2.5%, si, V, Ta, Nb and other components. Hastelloy is resistant to organic environments of hydrochloric, phosphoric, sulfuric, acetic acids, has resistance to formic acid, chlorine ions of fluorine etc. Hastelloy produced in the form of sheets, castings, wire rods. It is used as heat resistant material in the manufacture of chemical equipment.

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The company «AVEK global» specializiruetsya on the sale of high-temperature alloys. We offer products from warehouses in Ukraine and in Russia with delivery to any region of the CIS and beyond. All products are certified and available. Deliveries are made promptly. When wholesale purchases are offered preferential discounts.