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Thick-walled brass tube

Thick-walled brass tube

General characteristics

In the production of thick-walled tubes used brass alloys of different compositions depending on where they will be used in the future. Thick-walled brass tube for General purpose is often done by the method of pressing or cold deformation (cold rolling). These pipes are widely use as boiler tubes. It is believed that for this use it is preferable to use brass L68, as it is more resistant to corrosion.

Brass L68

The main components Pb% Fe% P% Sb% Bi%
Si Zn
67−70% 29,7−33% 0,03% 0,1% 0,01% Of 0.005% and 0.002%


A thick brass pipe used for transportation of gaseous or liquid medium under high pressure. Due to the properties of the source material, it can solve the most complex tasks. Often in the process of production of high-quality thick pipe using seamless technology. Complex thick-walled brass tube is widely used in construction, its popularity is easy to explain resistance to corrosion and durability.

Brass in comparison to pure copper has a greater corrosion resistance and strength. All lead free-contains brass easily handled the pressure at all temperatures and is well connected by soldering as a solid (high temperature) and soft (low-temperature) solder.

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