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LMTS58-2- 2.0572 - CuZn40Mn2 bar, tape, wire

LMTS58-2- 2.0572 - CuZn40Mn2 bar, tape, wire

Supplier — AvecGlob Company — offers wire, ribbon, rod made of brass LMC58−2 (2.0572, CuZn40Mn2) at reasonable prices from the manufacturer. The supplier guarantees the timely delivery of products to any address specified by the consumer /

Technical specifications

Brass mark LMts58−2 (the nearest foreign analogues — alloys 2.0572, CuZn40Mn2) refers to deformable copper-zinc alloys of medium strength, in which there is no aluminum. The material has medium anticorrosive properties, mainly in the air atmosphere of normal humidity. In view of its good soldering and surfacing properties, it is often used as a surfacing material for ordinary carbon steels.

Urgency of application

Alloy LMC58−2 (2.0572, CuZn40Mn2) is manufactured in accordance with the technical requirements of the Western European standard DIN EN 17660 and domestic GOST 15527−2004. Used for the manufacture of hardware engineering tools, in construction and architecture (interior decoration of public buildings), as well as forged semi-finished products.

Chemical composition

For brass ЛМц58−2 is given in the table (numerical data — in percentage):

Fe P Cu Pb Zn Sb Bi Impurities
up to 0.5 up to 0.01 57 — 60 up to 0.1 35.8−42.0 up to 0.005 up to 0.002 only 1,2

In foreign analogues, the percentage of iron can reach 1%.

Physical and mechanical properties

  • density, kg / m 3 — 8400;
  • melting point, 0 С — 880;
  • coefficient of thermal expansion at room temperature, μm / deg — 21,2;
  • specific heat with a temperature range of 20… 100 0 C, J / kggrad — 372.6;
  • coefficient of thermal conductivity at room temperature, W / mgrad — 71,2;
  • Brinell hardness, HB — 80… 130 (lower values for soft and pressed brass);
  • limit of temporary resistance, MPa — 470… 590 (respectively, for soft and hard brass);
  • yield strength, MPa — 140… 180;
  • modulus of elasticity, GPa — 105;
  • permissible linear elongation at tension,% — not less than 30… 3 (respectively, for soft and hard brass).

Assortment and application features

The brass bar, circle and wire from the material under consideration are produced in a wide range of sizes and profiles. Foreign analogs are produced in a range that meets the requirements of DIN EN 1652, 12163 and 12166, the range of brass LMC58−2 is determined by GOST 10666−90 and GOST 2060−2007.

Mechanical machinability of brass LMts58−2 (2.0572, CuZn40Mn2) — medium, at elevated temperatures brass shows fragility.

Supplier — AvekGlob Company — offers to purchase bar, tape or wire from brass of LMts58−2 (2.0572, CuZn40Mn2) in a wide assortment of sizes and profiles of cross section. Products can be bought at a price formed on the basis of European and world standards of production. Implementation is possible in bulk and retail, for regular customers, a flexible system of discounts operates.