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Mesh woven conveyor belt

Mesh woven conveyor belt

Mesh woven conveyor belt

It is made of low-carbon or stainless alloys. Basis — runs along the panel. The main characteristics are the dimensions of the cells in the light and the diameter of the filaments. It can be used interlacing different types of wires, which are perpendicular to each other. For square cells, as a rule, heat-treated alloys are used from stainless or carbon steels.

Chemical composition of low-carbon alloy 01X25M2T-VI.

Cu Cr C Fe Ni Mo Mn N P Si S Ti
≤0.15 24−26 ≤0.01 Basic. ≤0,4 1.8−2.5 ≤0,7 ≤0.01 ≤0,015 ≤0.5 ≤0,015 0.25−0.45

Types of weaving

Usually a method is used in which there is a simple interlacing with square cells. The basis is a stainless cord. When weaving the weave: the base and the weft are single-wire, twill weave-threads are used in pairs. The separation network is made of stainless steel with a linen weave. If the square cells have a size from 0, 4 to 20 mm, the thickness of the filaments is 0.2 — 2.5 mm. Interlacing of such a grid is linen. Such a web usually has a width of 1000 to 2000 mm. A mesh with cells that have micron sizes of 0.04−0.40 mm is also manufactured. The net for separation has a web width of 1000 mm.

Advantages of transport grids

Very convenient to install, easy to wash, have a small mass. Highly efficient for drying, boiling, heat treatment, cooling. Carefully transport materials, there is no impact on products intended for food.

The Teflon network is also very in demand today. Has high qualities, such as heat resistance, increased resistance to tearing, resistance to aggressive media. It has a reduced coefficient of friction, has non-stick properties, can be used where there is increased humidity. Withstands a large load mass for moving.

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