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Tube, bushing 2.0321 - CuZn37

Tube, bushing 2.0321 - CuZn37

Supplier — AvekGlob company — offers at a reasonable price from the manufacturer a pipe, a bushing made of brass CuZn37 (2.0321). The supplier guarantees the timely delivery of products to any address specified by the consumer.

Technical specifications

Copper-zinc alloy of the brand CuZn37 (the closest analogue — alloy 2.0321) refers to the so-called «yellow» (or «golden») brass. This brass has good corrosion resistance and plastic deformability. Unlike other alloys, it can not be hardened after heat treatment. Therefore, the change in the mechanical characteristics of the alloy can be performed only as a result of hot and semi-hot stamping, during which the material is significantly strengthened, and the structure becomes finer, which increases the degree of anisotropy of the properties.

. Actuality of use

CuZn37 (2.0321) brass is used for the manufacture of gear-type parts, various fasteners, manufactured by technologies, such as machining, stamping, printing rollers, springs, various decorative products, sliding bearings, guide valves, transmission parts for industrial equipment, piston rings, valves and tubular heat exchangers, synchronizer rings, and the like.

Chemical composition

The composition of brass CuZn37 (2.0321) in accordance with the technical requirements of the DIN CEN TS13338 standard includes:

Element Cu Al Fe Ni Pb Sn Zn Other impurities
Minimum content,% 62.0 - - - - - 35.25 -
The maximum content,% 64.0 0.05 0.1 0.3 0.1 0.1 38.0 0.1

Physical and mechanical properties

  • density, kg / m 3 — 8420;
  • melting point, 0 С — 902… 920;
  • coefficient of thermal expansion in the temperature range 20… 300 0 С, μm / deg — 21;
  • Specific heat in the temperature range 20… 300 0 С, J / kggrad — 404;
  • coefficient of thermal conductivity at room temperature, W / mgrad — 119;
  • hardness in Brinell, HB — 80… 180 (respectively for soft and hard brass);
  • limit of temporary resistance, MPa — 350… 490 (respectively, for soft and hard brass);
  • yield strength, MPa — 210… 300 (respectively, for soft and hard brass);
  • permissible tensile elongation,% — 38… 8 (respectively, for soft and hard brass).

Assortment and application features

The tube and bush made of brass of grade CuZn37 (2.0321) are produced in a wide range of sizes, cross-sectional areas and length. The workability increases with the temperature of the workpiece. When machining on metal cutting machines, large feed rates should be avoided due to the release of a significant amount of heat; The cutting of pipes should be carried out with an abundant supply of coolant. The ability to weld and solder — good.

Supplier — AvekGlob company — offers to buy a pipe or a bushing, which are made of brass of the brand CuZn37 (2.0321). Products can be bought at a price formed on the basis of European and world standards of production. Implementation is possible in bulk and retail, for regular customers, a flexible system of discounts operates.