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Mesh wicker

Mesh wicker


Metal grids have become so firmly established that it is difficult to imagine modern production without it. They are used in everyday life, agriculture, at various industrial and construction sites.


Woven mesh is created by interlacing the wire, which is initially twisted in a standard shape on the reels. Special equipment is used. As a rule, grids of any parameters can be ordered at the manufacturing plant, but today more and more often, in order to save time and money, the use of local equipment is practiced.


To date, most manufacturers are able to make custom-made grids of any size. There are standard parameters that start from 10 mm in diameter of each diamond, and then on increasing.


Enclosure of garden plots, poultry houses, strengthening of slopes. On industrial pipelines, woven mesh reinforce heat protection. Construction work — reinforcement, for example, when carrying out plastering works. They are very convenient. Reliable fixer, stopper. The diameter of the lumen allows them to be used for sifting bulk materials, for example, during coal mining. They act as a fixer for mine workings.


They are durable, durable, versatile, they can be used for various purposes and adapted to the needs. The coating of the material can be very different. Today, the production of decorative woven nets, which have a nickel coating, is gaining momentum. Serve as an ornament, easy protection of facades. Sites with such grids look very attractive, while they are able to hold the weight of the weaving plants.


Preference should be given to proven brands. The best quality criterion is the operating time. The longer the grid serves, the higher its quality. The company «Avek Global» is able to offer excellent material that will satisfy the demands of any buyer. To obtain all the necessary information, you should contact sales managers.

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