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Wire, round, rod KHN45JU - эп747

Wire, round, rod KHN45JU - эп747


Alloy KHN45JU made in open electric furnaces. The composition of finished products fully meet the technical conditions 14−1-2396−78, 14−1-941−74, 14−1-2075−87, 14−1-4082−86 and GOST 5632−72. The alloy comprises a Nickel-44−46%, chromium 14−16%, iron — 30,85 — 38.1 per cent. As additives added to the batch aluminum — 2,9−3,9%, selenium — 0,03%, phosphorus — up to 0.02% manganese, silicon — 1% carbon, barium — less than 0.1% and sulfur — about 0.02%.


Wire, rod and circle of heat-resistant alloy KHN45JU are the products of long products. Round (metal rod with a circular cross section), tend to produce a length of 2−6 m. the Precision manufacturing it is marked with the letters A, B, C, which means high, elevated and normal production accuracy. According to the method of heat treatment range is thermally treated — T, without heat treatment, and N — full hard. Length of wire, rod, circle is the measuring length, random length, dimensional. Recommended hardening temperature in air or in water not higher than 1200 °C. the Temperature of raskopki began at the beginning of 1150 — 1180 °C, and at the end of — 850 °C. the Rod is quenched at a temperature of 1050−1150°C in air. This alloy is easily weldable any type. For manual electric arc welding used electrodes OzL-35, OzL-25.


Wire, round and rod KHN45JU used in the manufacture of parts slot furnaces, which serve for fast firing ceramic tiles, flat household ceramics, etc. products. They are used in conveyor oven grids. The circle and rod are used as blanks for production area, beams, channels, profiles special purpose for construction of any complexity. Round KHN45JU actively used in mechanical engineering. It is used as a workpiece for the production of axles, bushings, pushers, shafts and other moving parts of equipment. Wire used for fasteners, meshes, the manufacture of springs. Wire is also used in the manufacture of parts of household appliances, electrodes for welding operations.

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