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Inconel 718® - 2.4668 Alloy 718 pipe

Inconel 718® - 2.4668 Alloy 718 pipe

UNS N07718 — Inconel 718

Shopping common names alloy: Inconel 718 ®, Alvac ® 718, Nicrofer ® 5219, Altemp ® 718, Haynes ® 718. Alloy based on Nickel, optionally quenched, has an extremely high resistance properties at temperatures of no more than 704 °C tensile strength at break. Inconel 718® compared with Inconel 617 has excellent weldability with inclusions of titanium and aluminum. This alloy is used for high-speed aircraft engine parts (discs, pads, bandages, fasteners and bolts) that operate at high temperatures.

Delivery of alloy 718

Manufacture of semi-finished products is often performed in the annealed condition, but they are hardened. Rental of Inconel 718 ® is available in the following forms: circle, welded and seamless tubes, wire, plates, sheets, fittings, flanges and forgings. The sheet has a thickness of 0.25 — 1.6 mm or by order up to 4 mm., the Circle produced in the form of forgings with a diameter of not more than 230 mm. larger sizes can be custom manufactured. The strip in coils made large-format size, their width is 900−1200 mm; plate thickness up to 100 mm Seamless pipe Inconel 718 ® rolled diameter of 200 mm and larger pipe diameters can be produced to order in a welded pipe. All products (with welded seam) can be a method with tight tolerances non-destructive testing. Practically, it is possible to produce pipes of various diameters and degrees of tolerance, regardless of the amount of the order.

Chemical composition of Inconel alloy 718 ®.
Ni Cr Cu Ti Cb+Ta Co Al Mo Fe Mn S P Si  
52,5 19,0   0,9 5,13 1 max 0,5 3,05 18,5          

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