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L70 - 2.0265 - СuZn30 rod, tape, wire

L70 - 2.0265 - СuZn30 rod, tape, wire

General characteristics

The main elements contained in multicomponent brass are iron, lead, aluminum, manganese, Nickel and silicon. They are all affect the fundamental properties of brass. So, for example, manganese greatly increases the strength and corrosion resistance, especially enhanced when combined with tin, iron and aluminum. Tin is also very much increases the strength and resistance to corrosion when in contact with sea water.

Brass L70

The main components Pb% Fe% P% Sb and Bi
Si Zn
69−71% Of 28.7, 30.8 per cent 0.05% of 0,07% 0,005% 0.002%

Brass, which contains about 1% tin, often called naval brass. Alloying with Nickel substantially improves the strength and corrosion resistance in various environments. The lead contained in brass, very strongly affects its properties, however, due to the presence of it in the composition much easier to handle the brass with cutting. It contains all samples of brass, which is processed on a special CNC-machines. That is why this kind of brass called automatic. Silicon, which is part of the brass significantly affects its hardness and strength, but if there is in the structure further and lead, greatly increased its anti-friction performance and it can be a substitute for quite expensive metals such as tin bronzes, which are used in sliding bearings.

As a rule, all types of brass subdivided into: double and multi-component. Double — are copper-zinc alloys, and multicomponent — special brass.


Compared with bronze, brass has a low strength, corrosion resistance and antifriction properties. However, it is quite resistant to oxygen, sea water, solutions of many organic acids and carbonate solutions. Also brass has a sufficiently high mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance, and has very wide application in many fields of engineering, it is one of the cheapest alloys.


Brass stamps L70 contains about 70 percent copper, is used mainly for the manufacture of products using stamping. It is indispensable for the manufacture of shells, which are used in devices for various purposes.

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