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Brass sheet

Brass sheet


Brass sheet — rectangular solid profile brass complex or simple composition produced in accordance with GOST 2208−2007. Most popular brands: L68, LS59−1, L63, chem. the composition of the normalized GOST 15527−2004. Chemical control — GOST 24231−80.

Brass LS59−1

The main components Pb% Fe% P% Sb% Bi%
Si Zn
57−61% A 35.6−42.2% of 0,8−1,9% 0,5% 0,02% 0.01% and 0.003% of the

Brass L63

The main components Pb% Fe% P% Sb% Bi%
Si Zn
62−65% 34,22−37,5% 0,07% 0,2% 0,001% Of 0.005% and 0.002%
Brass sheet GOST Mark Chem.composition Settings
HR 931−90, 2208 L63, LS59−1, LO62−1, Lmc58−2; GOST 15527 Of 0.4−10x500−710x1000−2500
Cold-rolled L63, L68, L80, L85, L90, Lmc58−2, LO62−1, LS59−1.

Marking sheet

For the food industry (PG); the normalized depth of the extrusion (GW); width and thickness at different accuracy with extreme deviation (YESH, ER or EN); of antimagnetic brass (S); the regulated requirements to the hardness (H) and to the tensile test ®.


Brass sheet — very high-tech product, stoykoy to corrosion, reliable, durable. It lends itself perfectly to processing, Assembly, meets the highest technological standards. Has a high heat conductivity. After the disposal of the brass can be reused.


Brass sheet is inferior in strength to iron alloys.


Manufacturing of signboards, signs, kitchen utensils, heat engineering and printing matrices, furniture fittings. The production of electrical and decorative parts. This sheet is widely used in machine building, chemical industry. Compared to copper it is more durable and cheap. High adaptability makes it convenient for handling and installation. In addition, brass relatively inexpensive, and after disposing of reused. From a sheet of stamps L63 LS59 and make the tube for the circulation of the refrigerant, the tube plate (LS59), rods for water pumps, corrosion resistant flanges of pipelines.

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