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Nichrome and Fechral

Nichrome and Fechral


Nichrome X15N60 and X20N80 are related to materials with a significant electrical resistance. They are the most widely used for the production of electric heating elements, which operate for a long time in air at a temperature of 1000 to 1300 degrees, as well as for the production of tape, wire resistors and rheostats.

Properties of Nichrome

It is distinguished by its heat resistance, low temperature expansion coefficient, it has a significant electrical resistivity, resistance to corrosion under the influence of air and other gaseous media at high temperatures of the order of 1000 ° C. In addition, it is sufficiently technological (has ductility in the cold state, good weldability). From this alloy, it is possible to obtain a tape, wire, rods, strip, which have sufficient heat resistance — that is, the ability to withstand significant mechanical stresses without breaking at very high temperatures. On the surface of these products a stable oxide film of high density is formed. Two of these factors provide good performance qualities of grades Х15Н60, Х20Н80.


The X23Y5T alloy also has a very high electrical resistance. This material is characterized by all the above advantages and scope of use. But fechral is a cheaper iron-chromium-aluminum alloy, and nichrome is expensive chromium-nickel.

Comparative characteristics

Х15Н60, Х20Н80 combine heat resistance with good processability (can be rolled into foil, very thin wire). Such alloys are more heat resistant than Fechral, but unlike the latter, they contain expensive and scarce nickel. Fechral is much cheaper, it has high heat resistance, but it is more fragile, and, therefore, less technological (can not be rolled into a very thin tape, wire).

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Among the similar products of «Avek Global» LLC the greatest demand is for nichrome wire, nichrome strip Х15Н60, Х20Н80, tape, as well as fecal wire Х23Ю5Т. Constant availability in the warehouse and the most affordable prices make it easy to purchase this product.