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Brass rods

Brass rods

Manufacture of brass rod

Brass at its core may be not only two-component alloy of copper and zinc, but also multi-component, which includes aluminum, silicon, tin, Nickel, iron, lead and manganese alloy. Extruded and drawn brass rod produced according to GOST 2О6О-2ОО6 (chem. The composition is regulated by GOST 15527−2ОО4.). Preparation and sampling for making control composition is regulated by GOST 242З1 IS equal to 8. In addition to this, brass rods can be made with anti-magnetic characteristics, they are made of a suitable non — magnetic alloys according to GOST 15527.

Brass rods are produced:

profile length precision condition Avtomagnitoly type

— square,

— hex,

— round

— oval

— in coils,

— random,

— dimensional

— the normal exactly

— elevated,

— high

— soft,

a semi — hard,

— solid

— antimagnetic with cut ends,

— soft with a high level of plasticity,

— semi-solid with a high level of plasticity,

— solid with a high level of plasticity,

— conventional plasticity pressed

Excellent physical characteristics of the brass rod allow to make any machining, including drilling, to carry out milling, cutting, to produce solder, weld and carry out the stamping process.


Valuable performance characteristics of the brass rod are the high level of resistance to corrosion, namagnichennosti, excellent manufacturability. These qualities are the reasons that it is used in very diverse sectors of the economy: in instrument making and mechanical engineering, car and shipbuilding, in aviation and the aerospace industry. Brass wire is an indispensable material in the production of electrical appliances, plumbing parts, some parts gas regulators. It produces gears, bolts, nuts, screws, accessories, many kinds of valves and water regulating systems, parts for Electromechanical installations and for reciprocating machines. Often used the brass rod also in the watch making industry, for production of small components and for making parts of buildings.

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