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29NK - alloy, pipe

29NK - alloy, pipe

general characteristics

Kovar is a magnetic alloy consisting of 54% iron, 29% nickel, the rest cobalt. The cobalt content of 17% significantly increases the cost of the material. 29 NK has a coefficient of linear expansion close to zero, the conductivity is approximately two times higher than the invar conductivity. From the Kovar, capacitors with small TKE and variable capacitance are produced. The alloy is exposed to corrosion in a humid environment, thereby creating a need for a protective coating. In the production of capacitors, it is coated with a metal with good conductivity — usually silver. Kovar, soldered into the glass, is able to form a sealed, reliable connection, used in the design of current leads for lamps and housings of vacuum devices.


Production of various components of radio electronic devices. Such a magnetic precision alloy has a low thermal expansion index (in the range of 20−400 ° C) and good thermal conductivity of the order of 19 W / m ° C, forms a sealed, very strong connection, which positions it as an indispensable material in the production of vacuum devices. Such an alloy (containing iron in its base) under conditions of considerable humidity is prone to corrosion, and therefore requires a specialized protective coating. Arc automatic welding is performed using welding wire 04H20N10G2B, consisting of corrosion-resistant steel, often used at high humidity to weld metal structures in the nuclear industry and power engineering.

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