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NP1A - nickel 205 sheet, circle, wire

NP1A - nickel 205 sheet, circle, wire


The alloy NP1A contains 99.5% nickel in its pure form, the remaining 0.5% impurities (iron, silicon, lead, manganese, copper, magnesium, sulfur, bismuth, carbon, arsenic, antimony, cadmium, tin, zinc, Phosphorus). Nickel, as a rule, is extracted by electrolysis, a way of decomposition into components of complex substances, passing current through them.

Properties of NP1A

In its properties, nickel is very hard, viscous and malleable metal. It is easily polished, it’s not for nothing that the jewelers were the first to appreciate its qualities. Nickel in air at ordinary temperature is covered with a protective film, which protects it from corrosion. It is a part of high-temperature alloys capable of withstanding the influence of gaseous, liquid corrosive media and heating up to a temperature of 850 ° C. Different types of alloy processing are possible due to nickel plasticity — rolling, turning, drawing, stamping, welding. From the alloy NP1A produce a variety of types of rolled products — tape, wire, sheet, etc. The only drawback of such an alloy is an admixture of sulfur, capable of forming a sulfide film on the surface of nickel products, making the metal brittle, brittle at high temperatures.


NP1A alloy is used in the production of chemical welded equipment, which is operated in highly aggressive environments. All products made of alloy NP1A are manufactured in accordance with GOST, thus guaranteeing maximum quality. Nickel alloy cast ingots, roll plates, strips, bars, cathode sheets, wire. The main field of application of such an alloy is the chemical industry, scientific research institutes and laboratories of physics, chemistry, pulp and paper industry. Pipes brand NP1A suitable for almost any structure in chemistry. They are very in demand in industries that carry out the distillation of alkalis and acids. Sheets and ribbon are very popular in machine building and instrument making. Such sheets, as a rule, are used in the form of anodes and cathodes and in the production of absolutely pure nickel. The alloy NP1A is also used for nickel plating — applying to the surface of another metal the finest nickel layer from 50 to 125 μm — for protection from corrosion. In order to coat the surface of iron, aluminum, titanium, copper, beryllium, tungsten, etc. metals, the alloy wire NP1A is usually used, from which pure nickel is extracted quite easily. Such wire is today the most demanded nickel semi-finished product. Metals alloyed with nickel have more endurance, heat resistance, and resilience. Details covered with nickel are found in car, bicycle, musical and medical instruments, as well as in household appliances. Details coated with nickel are also used in machines whose work takes place under severe dry friction conditions.

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