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Copper sheet

Copper sheet


Copper sheets are characterized by adaptability, high plasticity, relatively inexpensive price. They are available all types of soldering and welding, easy to cut, drilled, perfectly bent, polished. They have a high degree of thermal and electrical conductivity. They are resistant to the effects of soil or atmospheric moisture, resistant to temperature extremes, chemicals. This sheet is fire resistant, is fire resistance, additionally it is easy to install, has an aesthetic appearance, long service life and safety — all these qualities make it widely demanded. After disposing copper is usually used again.


Copper sheet metal is made according to GOST 495−92 copper grades M1, 2, S (chemical. the composition of the normalized GOST 859−2001. Sampling for process control the chemical. the composition of the normalized GOST 24231−80. Available copper sheet soft and rigid, each of them has its advantages and has a separate scope. The finished product has a rectangular cross-section without bending the edges and clean surface without any burrs, neatly and evenly cut. To produce hardening of the leaves is used in heat treatment, after which the sheet passes the test. Due to the annealing increases the level of machinability of cutting material, the level of plasticity, and the required hardness is provided by cold deformation.


Copper sheet is used in the production of electrically conductive, roofing materials, decorative elements, radiators, heating devices, wind instruments, power capacitors and much more. For finishing of the roof is excellent copper sheet M2r, M1 °F, these brands is well-processed and well keep heat inside the house, they perfectly withstand long-term adverse effects of the environment. Copper sheet — unique roofing material, it warranted at least 100 years. He has a high degree of resistance to corrosion, over time it only covers the film of oxides. It is difficult to replace in electrical engineering, industrial Hiii shipbuilding, the automotive industry. Copper is environmentally friendly, so it is highly demanded for water supply, the production of pottery, household items.

Thickness in mm Cutting in mm Price per 1 kg.
ABOUT 5−6O Leaves copper brand MZ 6ООх15ОО By appointment
1O IS EQUAL TO 8 The leaves are copper marks M1, HR 6ООх15ОО By appointment
Oh, 5−12 The leaves are copper marks M1 of the soft and hard 6ООх15ОО By appointment
ABOUT 5−6O Sheets brand copper M2 6ООх15ОО By appointment

According to the method of production, copper sheet can be cold (D) hot (D) drawn. Packaging, storage, transportation, temporary corrosion protection is normalized GOST 9.51О-9З.

Copper sheet GOST Tu marking Khimich.comp. cutting
Cold-rolled 495 48−21−664 M1, MZ, M1r, M2, M2r, MWR 859 2,5−4, Ох6ОО-7ООх1ООО-2OOO
HR 767 48-О81О-2О9, 48−21−81, 48−21−5045, 48−21−427, 48−21−517. MWR, M1, M1r, MZ, M2, M2r, M1F 859 Oh, 4−1O, Ох6ОО-32ООх1ООО-35ОО
Marking of copper sheet
A method of manufacturing The precision (width, length) length material

G hot-deformed


up to 1O meters

D holodnokatny-controller (round steel bars)

For increased accuracy in width

L normal in 2-m parameters

And increased precision in length

M increased by 2 parameters

KD dimensional multiples

ND length


M soft,

Tons of solid,

N semi-solid


Steel hot-rolled sheet can be produced up to a length of 10 meters, cold rolled usually comes in rolls.

Example of designation: Sheet DPRK 1100x700x1450 M2 GOST 495−92.: cold-rolled copper sheet M2, semi-rigid, high accuracy by width, rectangular cross section, size — 1100x700x1450 mm.

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