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ХН68ВМТЮК-VD - эп693-VD alloy tube, circle

ХН68ВМТЮК-VD - эп693-VD alloy tube, circle


Steel grade ХН68ВМТЮК-dv (EP693-dv) refers to heat-resistant grades. At its core, it contains 68% nickel, in second place in the content of chromium, the rest — copper, tungsten, aluminum, titanium. The purpose of alloying is to improve the technological properties of products: heat resistance and heat resistance, the ability to withstand the influence of aggressive media. Excessive alloying raises the cost of the alloy, and therefore this process is carried out economically: the steel must be technological, and its performance should satisfy the required level.


Mark ХН68ВМТЮК-½ is used in the production of rollers for slot-type furnaces, which serve for high-speed firing of ceramic tiles, flat household ceramics and other ceramic products. Such steel is necessary in conveyor kiln grids. Pipe ХН68ВМТЮК-в used in the details of the burner device. It is used in the manufacture of covers of electrical thermocouples, it does not contaminate the electrodes of thermocouples and guarantees reliable protection of the thermocouple wire when working in hazardous conditions. The pipe ХН68ВМТЮК-с can withstand the temperature of 1250−1300 ° C for a long time, it has considerable resistance to loads at high temperatures. Therefore, it is used for internal combustion engines, for steam, jet and gas turbine furnaces, nuclear power plants as a structural material. The metal has an attractive appearance and does not require a protective coating. The pipe ХН68ВМТЮК-сm is stable in air and in gas environments to corrosion at rather high temperatures. The pipe, doped with aluminum and silicon, is able to withstand contact with an aggressive environment, because during the heating process, these substances form protective films on the surface — oxides of aluminum, chromium, etc.

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