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Wire, round, rod, Monel 400® - 2.4360

Wire, round, rod, Monel 400® - 2.4360

Monel is a Nickel alloy with copper and manganese additives and iron — was invented steel company in Canada in 1905, received its name in honor of its President Manila. It is a refractory metal, its melting temperature is 1320−1350°C and operating temperature up to 500 °C. Nmzhmts 28−2,5−1,5 and Monel 400 are analogs as their chemical composition and physical and mechanical properties, characteristic features and scope of their use is identical. Wire, rod and circle of Nmzhmts 28−2,5−1,5 began to produce in the days of the USSR.

Percentage composition
Mn C Si S P Cr Cu Mo Ni Co Ti Cb+Ta Fe Al
2,0 0,3 0,5 0,024     28−34   not less than 63,0       to 2.5  

The basic qualities

Products from this alloy have high resistance to corrosion in different environments in air and in water and in most acids, strong alkalis. They are made in the form of a circle, wires, rods, and sheet and strip. Bars and wire from Manila can be either round or square section.

The use of wire, round alloy Monel

These products are used in the production of various items of apparatus used in medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, petroleum, textile and other industries. This rental retains its quality in the saturated corrosive and neutral alkaline salts medium, sea water, therefore, of which manufactured parts for installations for the production of salt. They do not come in reaction with fluorine, hydrofluoric acid and compounds of hydrogen with fluorine. These types of rolled products made of copper-Nickel alloy, widely used in chemical industry, due to its resistance to dilute mineral acids — sulfuric, hydrochloric in a vacuum. Tubes of this alloy are used in wastewater treatment and power plants, the construction of steam generators, in the processing of salt by way of evaporation and heating, as well as in different units, which are operated in an environment saturated with oxygen at high temperatures under pressure.

Monel 400 is also called Nicorros, which is a structural corrosion resistant alloy. The composition contains at least 63% Nickel, copper — 28 — 34% iron — 1 — 2.5%, manganese up to 2%. In addition to corrosion resistance in chemical environments, the alloy is easily welded. Welding typically is performed using non-consumable tungsten electrodes, after which the product is treated under pressure.

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