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1.4125 - aisi 440C pipe, wire, circle

1.4125 - aisi 440C pipe, wire, circle

Technical specifications

This is a high-carbon stainless steel of martensitic type, which does not contain nickel. Mechanical properties (temperature 20 ° C)

  1. sv — Short-term strength limit: 285,000 psi
  2. sT — Proportionality limit (yield stress for permanent deformation): 275,000 psi
  3. E — Elastic modulus of the first kind: 29,000,000 psi.

Percent composition

Fe FROM Si Mn P S Cr Mo
basis 0.95−1.2 ≤1,0 ≤1,0 ≤0,04 ≤0,03 16−18 ≤0.075

The steel is produced in an open arc furnace. When heated to 1000−1060 ° C and then hardened, it forms martensite, the hardness of which is directly proportional to the carbon content. Chromium carbides are also formed, they strengthen the structure of steel, increasing cutting ability and hardness. Additional additions of molybdenum increase wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Areas of use

Aviation, aerospace industry. Details of engines, bearings, precision tools, valves. Manufacturing of high-strength parts.


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