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Steel pipe

Steel pipe


Due to the use of very high quality carbon steel for the manufacture of steel heating pipes, they are distinguished by their strength and ductility. High adaptability makes them very practical, functional. They are available for welding, cutting, easily bending.

Key Features

— Low coefficient of temperature expansion. This makes it possible to lay the wiring in concrete.
— Excellent conducts heat. However, when cold water is supplied, condensation appears on the metal surface. This causes corrosion, can lead to an increase in the humidity of the adjacent wall.

Types of pipes
— Without a seam.
— With a seam (in other words, welded together).

According to the density of the material :
— Ordinary.
— Soft.
— Fortified.

Sewing or seamless pipes of standard or soft type, which have a diameter of 16, 21, 26 millimeters, are usually used for heating.


The tendency to corrosion, which usually manifests itself in five to eight years. This leads to clogging of the system, can create an increase in the friction of the fluid during circulation. Weak throughput, when compared with other types of pipes, it is weakened with the appearance of corrosion. With a strong increase in pressure, there is a possibility of leakage at the welded joint. High price, quite high laboriousness when installing or restoring the system.


It should also be added that pipes to increase corrosion protection practice coating with a layer of zinc. This allows noticeably to stop corrosion. To fix the piping system, you need a zinc-coated armature. When a welded joint is used, the protective layer burns, this leads to corrosion on the weld.

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