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VT9 titanium round bar, sheet

VT9 titanium round bar, sheet

General characteristics

Titan brand are classified according to the configuration of the crystal lattice: cubic (β-state), in the form of a hexahedron (α-condition), mixed (α+β). VT9 brand belongs to the group α+β alloys. Alloyed with aluminium and 6.4%, molybdenum — 3%, Zn — 1,5%, silicon — 0.25 percent. Developed в1960 G. Viemam. VT9 is the first thermally hardened alloy, mastered by the industry. The highest strength properties are achieved at temperatures up to 500 °C.

Percentage composition of the alloy BT-9 according to GOST 19807- -91

Al N H Ti Si C Fe Zr O Mo
The 5.8−7.5 ≤0.05 ≤0.015 86,15−89,9 0.2 — 0.35 ≤0.1 ≤0,25 1−2 ≤0.15 2−3

Note: the Titan is a basis; it is the percentage specified in the table… Dopustim impurities up to 0.3%.

UD. weight Properties t° plaul. Application Technology
Of 4.48 g/cm3 A high percentage of aluminum and silicon doping increases the strength, heat resistance, compared to VT6. Designed to work at temperatures 400 — 500 °C. the combination of qualities ensures an optimally insulated and double annealing. The content of the phase β in the annealed alloy is 10%. Thermally hardened alloys by aging and quenching. 980−1020° Items GTE: blades and discs etc. parts of the compressors. Deformed satisfactorily in a hot condition. Under pressure treatment, the worse processability compared to VT6. Welding is not recommended.


Pipe brand titanium VT9 widely used gas-producing petrochemical engineering industry for the production of compressors, pipes, pumps, etc.

Physical characteristics of the W-9
The temperature at which the received data characteristics, °C 20°C
Coefficient of thermal conductivity at 200 °C [1/ °C] 10,5
Density [g/cm3] Of 4.51
The modulus of elasticity of 1 of the kind E [MPa]x10-5 1,18

Limit crackbrain. strength sin [MPa] Rod, GOST 26492−85


Limit crackbrain. strength sin [MPa] the Rod unit quality, GOST 26492−85

Electrical resistivity, Mhmm2/m R

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