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1.4008 - aisi 414 sheet, round, wire

1.4008 - aisi 414 sheet, round, wire

Supplier Avlob offers to buy a sheet, a circle, a wire of mark 1.4008 — aisi 414 at an economically favorable price. Regular customers can take advantage of discount discounts. The supplier guarantees the timely delivery of products to any specified address. The price is the best in this segment of rental.

Percentage composition,

Fe FROM Si Mn P S Cr Mo
basis ≤0.06−0.12 ≤1,0 ≤1,0 ≤0,045 ≤0,03 12−13.5 ≤0.5

The steel is produced in an open arc furnace.

Technical specifications

It is a carbon-based stainless steel alloyed with chromium and molybdenum. is more stringent than grades 403/410 at similar levels of strength.

Mechanical properties

  • sв — Short-term strength limit (+ A): 650−880 MPa
  • sT — Yield strength for permanent deformation (+ A): 275 MPa
  • d5 — Elongation at break (+ A): 8−25%.

Hot treatment

Hot working, forging is carried out at tº 1200 / 1250ºF (650 / 675ºC), soak and cool with air to room temperature. Tempering temperature 1800 / 1950ºF (980 / 1065ºC).


Manufacture of such mining equipment as forged shafts and spindles, valve seats, fasteners, bars

Delivery, price

Buy sheet, circle, wire brand 1.4008 — aisi 414 from the supplier Avgob can be at an affordable price. The price is formed on the basis of European production standards. Supplier Avlob offers to buy a corrosion-resistant sheet, a circle, wire of the brand 1.4008 — aisi 414 in the range at the optimal price in bulk or at retail. We invite you to partner cooperation.