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Tape bronze

Tape bronze

It is possible that the legendary sword of Achilles was forged from the hardened strip of beryllium bronze.

General characteristics

Essentially a bronze strip is a solid profile of rectangular cross section of tin or tin-bronze. Its properties are directly dependent on the state, the percentage composition of the materials and production method. GOST 1789−70 normalized rolled strips of tin-zinc alloy grade Broc4−3 and tin-phosphorous brand Brof6,5−0,15. According to GOST 18175−78 are made of strips of tin-alloys processed by high pressure.


Bronze tape is very plastic. Produced cold-rolled, it is marked with «D». The level of accuracy it can be normal (N) or increased (P) accuracy. As material are distinguished: semi-solid (P), soft (M) hard (T), and especially solid feed (On), it becomes stronger after quenching roughly 30−40%. The cross-sectional shape of the rectangular tape is available (OL). In the markings of alloy reflects the percentage of all major alloying elements.


Bronze tape is manufactured from cold-rolled aluminum-manganese, silicon-manganese, beryllium, chromium-zirconium (si-Cr-Zr), chromium (Cu-Cr), tin-phosphorus alloy. The most commonly used brand: PCMC 3−1, БрБ2т; Bra7; Broc4−3; Brb2; Бр0Ф 6,5−0,15; БрБ2м, Pbnt; Бр0Ф 7−0,2; PCMC; Бр0Ф; Bris. The manufacture of strips of tin-zinc Бр0Ц4−3 and tin-phosphorous alloys Brof6,5−0,15 normalizes GOST 1789−70; bronze without tin pressure treated — GOST 18175−78. Sampling to determine the chemical composition of produced to GOST 24231−80.

Brand of bronze Hardness HB 10−1 t° melting point (°C) σв (MPa)

Brof6,5−0,15 70−90 MPa 995° 400−800

Broc4−3 150−170 MPa 1045° 430−880

PCMC 3−1 70−150 MPa 1030° 350−760

Brb2 130−150 MPa 995° 400−950

Note. The range σ (MPa) is given for soft/hard alloy.


Tensile strength, ductility, flexibility, malleability. Especially durable tape is produced from brand Brb2 (it contains 0,2−0,5% Ni, 2% Be), is very popular not only because of its strength and elasticity, (which can be further improved with additional heat treatment), but she is still resistant to corrosion and excellent weldability. It has a high degree of wear resistance and toughness, thermal and electrical conductivity. Tape Brbnt1,9 quite resistant to corrosion and fracture at extreme temperatures. All beryllium bronze is very easily cleaned with a pressure in the tempered condition, perfectly cut and welded. Tape marks Brkmc3−1 has a high level of corrosion and spring properties. Tin alloys Brof6,5−0,15 Broc4−3 is very reliable, plastic, they are easily handled pressure. All brands lend themselves to fine machining, including: cutting, punching, drilling, milling. A high level of corrosion resistance, durability, high electrical, thermal conductivity, make the bronze ribbon in demand in many sectors of the economy.


The details of electrical engineering, corrosion-resistant equipment. Good electrical conductivity made the tape, essential for the production of various connectors, strip conductors, connectors, electric motors, transformers, generators. In construction it is used for installation or repairs. Of highly elastic, high strength at break and tensile alloys such as Brkmc3−1 manufactured springs and other sensitive elastic elements for aircraft, automotive, shipbuilding.

The thickness in mm Units. unit Cost of 1 kg

Of 0.01−2 Bronze tape marks Brbnt1,9 kg, In agreement

0,1−0,2 Bronze ribbon brand Brof6,5−0,15 kg. of the agreement

Of 0.01−2 tape Bronze brand Brb2 kg. By appointment

Of 0.01−2 Bronze tape marks Broc4−3 kg. By appointment

Of 0.01−2 Bronze tape marks Brkmc3−1 kg Upon agreement

GOST Type marking options

1761 tape BRB, Brb2, Brof 6,5−0,15 0,1−4,0Х20−400Х800−2000

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