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Stainless mesh woven

Stainless mesh woven

There are such metal grids

  • Masonry
  • Welded
  • Woven
  • Corrugated

Each of them has its advantages, it has its own peculiarities. The most common type is a metal stainless mesh. When it is made, the material is carefully selected. Usually, a stainless wire is used that contains a high percentage of chromium, which gives a high corrosion resistance in any atmospheric conditions. The diameter of such a wire is usually not less than 0.3 mm. Cells can be either square or rectangular. This product can be packaged both with cards and rolls of 100 meters.


  • By the method of manufacture;
  • The shape of the cells;
  • The size of the cells.

The smallest area of the cell is 0.025 mm 2. Also, the unit follows the shape of the wire section.


Reinforcement of road surfaces, manufacturing of household goods, at industrial enterprises — for drying materials. Also it can be used for the purpose of fencing cottage and garden plots. Many make of it different frames for greenhouses or greenhouses. Get good cells for pets. In construction — for reinforcing brickwork. Its use in plastering prevents the appearance of cracks that appear when shrinking materials, it significantly increases the strength of the finishing layers. If you use a galvanized stainless mesh, the lifetime of the plastered surface will be doubled. It will prevent the appearance of rust on the plastered surface. A network of stainless steel is an ideal way for fixing mine workings.


In the manufacture of mesh are divided into woven, which is formed by the cross wire weaving, a woven network that has round and flat spirals, twisted, crevice, combined and welded. Very comfortable woven mesh for sifting bulk materials. It is made of low-carbon wire, thermally processed. Can be light annealing, black, as well as galvanized and tinned. It is made of bronze, platinum, brass and nickel. Typically, the wire diameter or side of the cell is from 0.03 to 3 mm. Products of this type are manufactured both in Russia and abroad.

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