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Brass wire

Brass wire


Brass refers to alloyed copper alloys. Brass wire is more durable than copper wire. Due to the additives AL and Zn, it receives additional resistance to the action of soil, atmospheric moisture, sea water, dilute organic acids. Lead additives make it particularly resistant to rust. Such wire has high wear resistance, plasticity, attractive aesthetic appearance. It is durable, reliable, non-allergic, meets the strictest standards of SNIP. It is distinguished by the highest level of manufacturability, it is perfectly capable of processing by pressure, both hot and cold, it is easily bent, soldered, in demand in a wide variety of industries.


Brass is not the most durable material when compared with other metals or steel alloys.


Brass wire produces electrical contact pairs, fine mesh grids, filters for the food and oil refining industries. It is widely used for welding works as an additive; In electrical engineering it is used for the production of cables and wires, electromagnets, winding of motor cores and transformers. It is in demand in the light industry: shoe, textile industry, for example, for the production of studs, small copper nails, other fittings. A high level of manufacturability makes it popular in the modern industry.

Diameter in mm Unit price
Wire brass marking LS59−1 semi-solid, hard, soft,
From 0, 8 to 1 Kg. By agreement
1.5 to 6 Kg. By agreement
Brass marking L63 semisolid, hard, soft
From 0, 8 to 1 Kg. By agreement
1.5 to 8 Kg. By agreement

The brass wire is made square, round and hexagonal. In addition, the state of the material can produce a semi-solid, soft and hard.

Name GOST TU Marking Cutting
Brass wire

1292О, 1О66−9О, 5529−75 2, О2, 1292О-67 О, 8−11,5,

OST 1О66

48−21−5О6З-7З, 48−21−5О27−7З 2, О-15, 1845-ОО1954ЗО-1О2−99 Л8О, Л68, Л6З, ЛС 59−1, ЛС58−2, ЛС 6З-З О, 8−5, ОxL

GOST 1066 regulates the production of wire L80, L68, L6Z, LS 59−1 (chemical composition GOST 15527). GOST 1970 З normalizes the output of products from lead brass LS 6Z-З. A wire made of brass of grade LS58−2 is manufactured in accordance with the following specifications: 184590−106−05Z-98 and 48−0814−108−2000. The general purpose wire is made in accordance with GOST 1066−90 from LS59−1 and L6Z (chemical composition GOST 15527−2004). Sampling for chemical control. Composition regulates GOST 242 З1−80. In production, cold deformation is usually used. Such products are immeasurable with an etched surface.


The marking reflects the alloy category and the percentage of basic alloying components. The accuracy of production by parameters can be elevated, high, normal. Special conditions: on the level of ovality — (PO) increased accuracy; (AM) antimagnetism; (PC) increased surface quality; (PL) increased plasticity; (PP) increased strength; (ВС) regulated requirements for temporary resistance in a semi-solid state.

General purpose brass wire
Wire GOST Marking Chem. composition
Hexagonal cold-deformed, round, square. 1О66−9О A6S, A68, A8O, LS59−1 Г0СТ 15527
Marking of brass wire for general use
In terms of accuracy length Special production conditions Section shape Goods Status

H is normal;

P elevated.

CT coils (spools)

BT coils, bays;

AM wire antimagnetic

Elevated conditions:

PP by strength;

PC on surface quality;

Ovality accuracy software.

Submarine plasticity;

BC regulated limits for temporary resistance in a state of semi-hardness

SHG hexagonal round;

HF is square;

M is soft;

T solid

P semisolid ;:

Method of manufacture: drawn — D.

Brass wire for cold landing
wire Guest marking composition
Cold landing 1292O-67 L6Z GOST 15527
Marking of brass wire for cold landing
Preparation method accuracy length Special Conditions Section shape Goods Status
Drawn (cold-deformed) — D П increased H normal BT coils coils Antimagnetic AM Round KR;

P semi-solid M soft

T solid

Welding wire
wire Guest marking
Welding 161SO-9O L6S, ЛО6О-1, ЛКБО62-О, 2-О, О4-О, 5, ЛК62-О, 5
Marking of brass welding wire
Mode of production length Section shape Goods Status

D drawn (cold-deformed)

G hot-deformed (pressed)

CT coils;

BT coils, bays;

CP cores;

BR drums;

ND of unlimited length.

CD round;

M is soft;

П semi-solid;

T solid

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