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50N - 50 alloy pipe

50N - 50 alloy pipe


The permalloy characterized as iron-Nickel alloys that have relatively good permeability in weak fields. The permalloy composition is divided into misconceive, containing 50% of Nickel and Nickel containing up to 82% Ni. Belonging to a certain group depends on the amount of Nickel, which determines the magnetic and electrical properties. Brand 50H indicates the content of the 50% Nickel. Permalloy neskonchaemyj has a good electrical conductivity (200%) compared to Nickel, so they are used by different industries. Grade 50N used in the manufacture of transformer plates, elements of magnetic recording heads.


50H to enhance electromagnetic qualities alloyed with other elements such as chromium, copper, molybdenum. Smelting is carried out in vacuum or neutral gas. Sheet, tape of minimum thickness manufactured through the method of cold forming with subsequent annealing to improve the magnetic properties. These permalloys have improved properties, increased magnetized. They have significant sensitivity magnetic qualities in relation to external changes. The permalloys have small changes in electrical resistance (no more than 5%), which are determined by the force direction of the existing magnetic field.


50H, thanks to the reduced magnetostriction used in precision mechanical devices having stable characteristics in an alternating magnetic field. Used in the manufacture of cores in small power transformers, chokes, relays, small parts of circuits that operate with or without magnetization at higher values of induction. Nickel alloys are used for making cores of small transformers, non-contact relays, pulse transformers, amplifiers, screens. In some types of computers and automated devices permalloys with 65−68% of Nickel, providing a rectangular hysteresis loop, received practical significance.

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