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ХН55МБЮ - ЭП666 sheet, round, wire

ХН55МБЮ - ЭП666 sheet, round, wire


Alloy heat-resistant Nickel-based ХН55МБЮ (or ЭП666-VD; ХН63М9Б2Ю; ХН55МБЮ-VD; ЭП666; ХН55МБЮ-ID; ЭП666-ID) used in the manufacture of semi-finished products such as rods, forgings, pipes, hot rolled sheets, which are intended for the manufacture of parts of gas turbine engines, installations, valves for nuclear stations and equipment for power engineering industry. The material in modern engines, turbine blades must have a high resistance to destruction by heat, low cycle fatigue, which today is the main form of destruction. To worsen the danger of destruction capable of surface reactions due to the weakening of grain boundaries and gas corrosion. The main requirements to the material for the manufacture of turbine blades are subject to the latest developments of the designs of engines, a continuous increase in ductility, resistance to low cycle, thermal fatigue, heat resistance and resistance to gas environments.

The maximum recommended service temperature for a limited period of time, equal to +900 °C, the temperature of beginning intensive scaling of the air environment is +1100 °C.

The thermochemical treatment of metals, thermal B04 According to ST CKBA 016−2005
Shaped bars В32 According to the technical conditions 14−1-2606−79
Of the workpiece. Slabs. Blanks. В31 According to the technical conditions 14−1-3626−83
Treatment pressure. Forgings. B03 According to the technical conditions 14−1-3628−83
Strip the leaves В53 According to the technical conditions 14−1-3191−81

Those. CONV., Standard alloy.

«The technical conditions. With special. finish is round, the surface quality of steel.» According to GOST 14955−77

«Assortment. Rolled steel round bars hot rolled.» According to GOST 2590−2006

«Assortment. Rolled steel square bars hot rolled.» According to GOST 2591−2006

«The technical conditions. High precision shaped steel profiles.» 14−11−245−88

«The grade. Round, square steel forged «. According to GOST 1133−71

«Assortment. Forged, hot-rolled strips of tool steel.» According to GOST 4405−75

«Assortment. Calibrated round steel.» According to GOST 7417−75

«Assortment. Calibrated square steel.» According to GOST 8559−75

«Assortment. Steel mill products hot-rolled strip.». According to GOST 103−2006

«Tekhnich. conditions. Grooved, steel bars, corrosion resistant, heat resistant, heat resistant. «According to GOST 5949−75

» Assortment. Hexagonal bars are grooved.» According to GOST 8560−78

«Forged steel square and round.» According to GOST 1133−71

«Brand. Heat-resistant, heat-resistant steel, corrosion-resistant, high-alloy». According to GOST 5632−72

«Assortment. Hot rolled bars, steel hex. «According to GOST 2879−2006

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