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Magnetic Soft Alloys

Magnetic Soft Alloys

Are you interested in various soft magnetic alloys from the supplier — AvecGlob? Here you will find the necessary information on this topic

Buy at affordable prices from manufacturers a variety of types of soft magnetic alloys, in a wide range of profiles and cross-sectional dimensions, offers the company AvekGlob. The supplier guarantees the timely delivery of products to any address specified by the consumer.

General information

Magnetic soft materials (mainly alloys based on nickel or other soft magnetic materials) are produced by the rolling method, and are intended

for efficient storage and transmission of energy. Iron-nickel alloys are characterized by a relatively high permeability and low losses in the core. Their total density of saturated saturation flow ensures highly efficient energy storage and its subsequent transmission at low and medium frequencies.

The considered types of alloys are used in such devices as transformer cores, toroids, sensors, motor platforms, springs for watches, valves, flaps and power springs, and various shielding products.

The general chemical composition of alloys of this group is given in the table:

Categories Ni Mo Mn Si Fe C V Nb Co Cr Al Ti
Permalloy 80.0 4.8 0.5 0.35 Rest --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Super Permendure --- --- --- --- 49.0 --- 2.0 --- 49.0 --- --- ---
Permendur --- --- --- --- 49.0 --- 2.0 --- 49.0 --- --- ---
42H 42.5 --- 0.5 0.5 Rest 0.03 - - - 5.25 0.5 2.5
48H 48.0 --- 0.8 0.3 Rest 0.05 - - - 0.25 0.1 ---
μ-metals 79.0… 80.6 3.8… 5.0 0.95 0.42 Rest 0.03 --- --- --- ---    

AvekGlob Company sells various brands of magnetically soft alloys of domestic and foreign production at economically advantageous prices. The supplier performs guaranteed delivery of products to any point determined by the customer.


Permalloys have a high magnetic permeability, suitable for electromagnetic shielding.

The alloys of the group of superpermenanders and permendurs have a high flow density suitable for transformers or chokes.

Iron-nickel alloys of 42H and 48N grades are characterized by given values of the coefficient of thermal expansion. At the same time, the coefficient of thermal expansion of alloy 48H corresponds to the coefficient of soft lead and sodium lime glasses; therefore the main application of the alloy is metal seals made of glass and metal in soft lead or sodium lime glasses. The alloy is also used for thermostats operating at temperatures up to 450 ° C.

The alloys of the μ-metal group have an extremely high initial permeability, are used in transformer cores, and also for shielding electrical components from magnetic fields.

Company Avecglob proposes to purchase at affordable prices of the manufacturer various brands of magnetically soft alloys. The supplier provides prompt delivery of products to any point agreed by the customer.