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Wire, round, rod 2.0975 - CuAl10Ni - C95800

Wire, round, rod 2.0975 - CuAl10Ni - C95800

Technical specifications

Aluminum tinless bronze. Well deformed, corrosion-resistant, good antifriction properties. The annealing temperature is 600−650 ° C.


Machine shafts, valves, propeller assembly, worm gears, bushings, propeller blades, etching equipment, worms, wear plates, gears. Marine equipment: valves contacting with sea water, coatings for marine equipment, shipbuilding

Percent composition

Fe Ni Mn Al Cu Si Pb Impurities
3.5−4.5 4−5 0.8−1.5 8.5−5.5 79.00 min ≤0,1 ≤0,03 ≤0,03

Mechanical properties (temperature 20 ° C)

  1. sв — Short-term strength limit: 586 MPa
  2. sT — Proportionality limit (yield strength for permanent deformation): 241 MPa
  3. d5 — Elongation at break: 18%


In closed warehouses or under a canopy, where adequate protection against mechanical and other damages is provided.


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