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Sheet, tape ХН35ВТ

Sheet, tape ХН35ВТ


The flat rolling of brand ХН35ВТ has the widest scope — products of high temperature installations, which are used in machine building and petrochemical industry. The sheet and tape of the brand ХН35ВТ are actual in the production of disks, flat springs, fasteners, which serve for the production of mechanisms and critical parts of building structures operating under aggressive conditions, for example, heat exchange systems.


Alloy ХН35ВТ — high-temperature high-alloyed carbon steel. It contains nickel 34−38%, chrome 14−16%, iron 38−47. As additives to the charge, titanium is added about 1.1−1.5%, copper, up to 0.25%, phosphorus — up to 0.03%, manganese — 1−2%, tungsten — 2.3−3.5%, Molybdenum — up to 0.3% and sulfur — about 0.02%.

Percentage of GOST 5632−72
Alloy Cr Ni W Mn Ti Si Cu Mo P Fe S
ХН35ВТ 14−16 34−38 2,3−3,5 1.0−2.0 1.1−1.5 Up to 0,6 Up to 0,25 Up to 0,3 Up to 0,03 Balance Up to 0.02


Hot-rolled thick sheet of brand ХН35ВТ (4−160 mm) is produced in accordance with GOST 19903−74; 1577−93. Thin sheets (0.5 — 3.9 mm) are made by hot-rolled method in accordance with GOST 16523−89; 19903−74. A thin hot-rolled sheet is produced by a thermally processed method, and its surface is uncoated and etched. On steel sheets ХН35ВТ with a width of 710−1800 mm, thickness 0,5 — 2,5 mm, galvanizing can be applied. Sheet ХН35ВТ can be produced corrugated and expanded metal for non-slip coatings — bridges, stairs, service areas. Such designs are required at facilities of petrochemical oil, gas industry, power plants, metallurgical enterprises.


Sheet ХН35ВТ is marked: Н — normal, Г — deep, ВГ — rather deep drawing. HP — cold profiling, OH — general purpose, PC — for painting (trained).

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