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general characteristics

Compensators are devices that compensate for any movement of the pipeline caused by the passage of various media through it. These devices are designed to prevent: axial, thermal, angular deformations. They can quickly extinguish any vibrations that occur during operation. The main task of the expansion joints is to extend the life of all elements of the pipeline system.


The most popular type of expansion joints are bellows type devices. They consist of one bellows or one of several, made of multilayer steel connecting fittings. Belt bellows means flexible corrugation. Bellows can be equipped with protective covers, internal cranes and travel stops. The presence of these or other elements depends on the characteristics of the working media, the scope of application and the manner of execution.

Bellows expansion joints are divided into the following types: for gases, heating systems, universal, axial, unloaded, rotary (angular), shear, starting. In the heating system, they compensate for the axial temperature fluctuations of the pipeline system of hot water supply to a high-rise building. Main characteristics: working pressure at the level of 6−25 atm .; Diameter 15−150 mm .; Operating temperature -60 ° C + 350 ° C.

Universal compensators compensate for angular, axial, shear movements of the pipeline system and equipment. The diameter is 15−5000 mm; Are designed for working pressure — 150 atm .; Operating temperature -260 ° C + 900 ° C.

Axial expansion joints are used to relieve the load from vibration, compensate for axial movement, prevent deformation and destroy the pipeline. These devices consist of a single bellows or a pair of bellows. Main characteristics: working pressure from vacuum to 150 atm .; Diameter — 15−5000 mm; Operating temperature in the range -260 ° C + 900 ° C.

Angle compensators compensate for rotational or angular movement of the pipeline in 1 — 2 planes. The diameter is 15−5000 mm; Are designed for working pressure — 150 atm .; Operating temperature -260 ° C + 900 ° C.

Shift devices compensate for the shear oscillations of the pipeline system. The diameter is 15−5000 mm; Are designed for working pressure — 150 atm .; Operating temperature -260 ° C + 800 ° C.

Starting bellows devices compensate for the axial type of movement of the heating pipeline during commissioning. Compensator of this type is supplied complete with protective telescopic covers, which are welded after the system has been started. The main characteristics: working pressure is 50 atm .; Diameter ranges from 25 mm. Up to 2500 mm; Operating temperature range -60 ° C + 550 ° C.

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