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L80 - 2.0250 - СuZn20 rod, tape, wire

L80 - 2.0250 - СuZn20 rod, tape, wire

General characteristics

Brass marking L80 contains 80 percent copper in its pure form, and 20 percent are various additional additives. Brass stamps L80 is mainly used for making various machine parts, as well as various devices and equipment chemical plan. Also it is quite widely used for producing various parts used in heating systems.

Brass L80

The main components Pb% Fe% P% Sb and Bi
Si Zn
Basis 18,7−21% 0,03% 0,1% 0,01% Of 0.005% and 0.002%

Heat treatment

The main heat treatment of ordinary brass is annealed to relieve internal stresses and annealing recrystalization. The process of recrystallization of brass is determined by the content of zinc in it, as well as its phase composition.

The temperature of beginning of recrystallization of simple brass with an increase in the percentage content of zinc is significantly reduced. Therefore, when choosing the optimal annealing temperature to obtain the necessary structure we need to consider this feature of two-phase brass. The grain size of single-phase brass normalized GOST 5362.

During annealing brass semi-finished products in air or an oxidizing atmosphere on the surface patches are formed, so-called oxidation products, which are quite hard to removed by etching. With decreasing oxygen pressure during annealing in vacuum the spots are not formed, however, there is a danger of obeschanija brass. Therefore, the annealing is best done at very minimal temperatures and in a protective atmosphere. In a production environment when annealing is difficult to avoid the occurrence of stains on the brass, which contains about 40% zinc.


Simple brass is also quite well handled by cutting. The complexity of machining of the material, that is, its milling, grinding, turning, and planing depends on the basic structure of brass. When processing single-phase brass is formed by cutting a fairly long chips. The same two-phase brass handled much better than single phase.

The greater the amount of zinc contained in the composition of brass, the better they begin to be processed, the chip is more fragile and quite short. The processing quality of one or the other of brass, as a rule, compare with the processed brass grade LS 63−3, the machinability of which is equal to one hundred percent. Single-phase brass are polished much better than two-phase.

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