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Bismuth brand, chemical structure

Bismuth brand, chemical structure

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Technical specifications

Bismuth — looks like silver. This element of the main subgroup of the fifth group) of the sixth period Oxygen forms oxides with oxygen: Bi 2 O 3, Bi 2 O 5. At room temperature, bismuth is a brittle metal and has a coarse-grained structure in the fracture, but exhibits plastic properties at a temperature of 150−250 ° C.

Physical properties

Description Notation
Chemical symbol Bi
Atomic (molar) mass g / mol 208.98
Degrees of oxidation 5, 3
Density [g / cm3] 9.79
Melting point t ° C 271.44 ° C, 544.5 K
Heat of melting kJ / mol 11.3
The molar heat capacity (J / (K · mol) 26.0
Heat of evaporation kJ / mol 172.0


In the Middle Ages, Bismuth was used in the manufacture of cold weapons, the blade was particularly beautiful, its brilliance was caused by iridescent oxidation. Today it is used for the production of low-melting solders, nuclear radiation detectors, thermoelectric materials, catalysts, alloying of special alloys.

Types of rolled metal

To date, rolling consists of sheet, rod, foil, strip, tape, pipe, wire.


In closed warehouses or under a canopy, where adequate protection against mechanical and other damages is provided.

Delivery, price

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