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Taurus Aluminum

Taurus Aluminum


This kind of rolled aluminum is a solid profile of aluminum whose cross section resembles the letter «T». Brands of aluminum has no internal hollow space. It is produced according to GOST 22233−93, GOST 8617−81. Chemical composition of aluminum alloys normalized GOST 4784. In the production of aluminum t often used alloys AD31 and 1915. To increase the lifetime, t is coated with powder anode-oxide or polymer coating. The size of the brand specified height, thickness and width of its shelves, expressed in millimeters. The length of the I-beam aluminum, as well as brand is an average of 1 to 6.7 p. M.

Unlike aluminum I-beam from brand differs in that it has one additional upper shelf, which cross-section it resembles the letter «H». The size of the aluminum I-beam sets the thickness of the height brands and flange width expressed in millimeters.


In the section:

profile beam — I-beam made of aluminium;

profile odnotonovye.

The length of the workpiece:

-brands of aluminum multiple lengths (300mm) dimensional;

— brands of aluminum off-gage length;

— brands of aluminum of length measuring.


— brands of aluminum without thermal processing;

-M — t aluminum annealed;

-T — brands of aluminum seasoned naturally weathered ;

T5 — brands of aluminum artificially aged and not fully hardened;

-T1 — brands of aluminum seasoned aged artificially;

-T4 — t aluminium is not fully hardened and aged naturally.

Accuracy of production:

-N — t aluminum precision normal;

-In — t aluminum precision high;

-P — t aluminum high precision.


— brands of aluminum of high strength;

— brands of aluminum high high tensile strength;

— brands of aluminum high normal.

The use of aluminum I-beams, t -.


-K — complex layer;

-P — the polymer coating powder;

An anodized corners;

-PVCs — electrophoretic coating;

-YF — coating of paint.


To date, I-beam aluminum is widely used in the construction of floors, bridges, veneer. Also tees, I-beams made of aluminium is used in building, automotive and other industries.

Example of designation. Brands of aluminium alloy brand AD31, quenched artificially aged condition, size 15x20x2 mm, long 6000 mm: T АД31Т1 15x20x2x6000 according to GOST 22233−93.

Aluminum brands. Sizes.

Mark Name Dimensions in mm Length, in m Price
AD31 Brands of aluminum 40x25x3 6 negotiable
AD31 Brands of aluminum 60x60x3 6 negotiable
AD31 Brands of aluminum 80x60x2 6 negotiable
D16T Brands of aluminum 40x40x3 3 negotiable
Amg3 Brands of aluminum 50x25x2 3 negotiable
AD31 Brands of aluminum 25x25x2 6 negotiable
AD31 Brands of aluminum 30x20x1,5 6 negotiable
AD31 Brands of aluminum 30x30x2 6 negotiable

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