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Copper plate

Copper plate


The copper plate can be widely used in procurement in the engineering industry or Metalworking industry. This is justified by the fact that it is high-tech, easily rolled, drilled, cut, milled, pressed, any soldering and welding. Copper plate has properties such as conductivity, resistance to corrosion and to chemicals, can work from cryogenic temperatures up to +250°C. Despite the small price, she’s fireproof and fireproof. Another advantage is that copper can be recycled after disposal. Copper plates are very popular in modern manufacturing due to their aesthetic appearance, ease of installation, compliance with sanitary requirements and duration of service.


The disadvantages of copper is that it is not designed for large loads, when compared with other metals copper is inferior to them in strength.

How to make copper plates
Type copper pipe Mark TU Cutting Chem. composition
Cold-rolled МСр0,1, Brsr, М1УН, М1рО, M1, M1r, M2, M2r 1844−027−58825515, 1844−026−58825515 10−150x600−3200x1000−3500 GOST 859
HR МСр0,1, М1рО, M1, M1r, M2, M2r 48−0810−209, 48−21−517, 48−21−5045, 48−21−427, 48−21−81 26−100x250−1300x1000x3500
As mark copper plates
Depending on the method of production Depending on the length and width Depending on the settings Depending on the metal Depending on machining

D — cold-rolled


G — hot


P — increased accuracy,

M — normal accuracy.

MSH — dimensional


KSH — width dimensional,

MD — dimensional


— Very hard,

T — solid

P — semi-solid.

F — milled-sized plates,

N — no, rezero-bathrooms plates.

Produced copper plates are always rectangular in shape.


Copper plates are used in engineering, industry, medicine, food industry. They are often used as a template for building and decorative designs. In shipbuilding copper plates used because of high corrosion resistance. Transformers, generators, non-magnetic accessories — it’s what Pete’s copper is used in electrical engineering. Copper bars are also often used in architecture and sculpture, for example, in the design of interiors and facades of buildings and signs, signboards and plates.

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