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Boiler steel

Boiler steel

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Technical specifications

Satisfactory heat resistance, high creep resistance and long-lasting strength; plasticity under conditions of long loading; resistance to scale formation, water and steam corrosion, resistance to repeated loads; small propensity to aging, graphitization and spheroidization. Characterized by increased requirements to the yield point at elevated temperatures. Carbon grades of pearlitic and austenitic grades are most often used.


The use of a steel sheet steel boiler for the elements of steam boilers is regulated. GOST 5520−62, 380−60, for pipes in the boiler industry is regulated by GOST 8731−58, 8738−58, ChMTU 2579−54, 2580−54, GOST 1753−53 .


The manufacture of boilers that can be operated at temperatures up to 650 ° C and the effect of variable dynamic loads, Boiler steels have been used for welding parts of steam boilers and vessels operating under pressure at normal, elevated and sub-zero temperatures.

Delivery, price

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