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02Х8Н22С6 - эп794 sheet, round, wire

02Х8Н22С6 - эп794 sheet, round, wire

General characteristics

Alloy 02Х8Н22С6 refers to the type of high alloyed austenitic steels. Has a high resistance against intergranular corrosion of the base metal and welds in corrosive environments at t° to 80 °C. Used in the manufacture of welded equipment for the synthesis of nitric acid of high concentration (85%), nitrophos, extraction phosphoric acid, etc. compounds, which are characterized by high aggressiveness.

The chemical composition of the alloy 02Х8Н22С6.

Ni C Cu Mn Fe Cr P Si S
From 21 to 23 ≤0,02 From 2.5 to 3.5 ≤0,6 DOS. 7.5 ≤0,03 ≤5,4 ≤0,02


Steel brand 02Х8Н22С6 is smelted in electric arc furnaces. The production normalized following specifications: 14−1-3233−81; 14−1-5076−91; 14−1-3801−85; 14−1-3164−81; 14−1-3660−83; 14−1-3812−84 and 14−1-1024−81. This material is classified as stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, plain, heat-resistant steel. This steel fully meets strict requirements of state standard and rather easily handled by way of cutting, expanding the possibilities of its use. Made the following types of rentals: circle, tube, wire, sheet, ribbon. During hot deformation in the initial stage of the process temperature is 1170 °C, and in the finally — about 900 °C.


Carried out both manual and automatic method. In the process of manual electric arc welding using electrodes OzL-24 with wire rod 02Х17Н14С4. This type of filler material is also used for automatic arc and TIG welding. To protect finished seams, apply the final heat treatment.

Physical properties at t of 20°C

— Specific gravity: 7.7 g/cm3

— The thermal conductivity of 0,134 · 102 W/(m · K)

— The modulus of elasticity of 17.8 · 10— 4 N/mm2

— Specific electrical resistivity of 0.75 Omhm2/m

— The hardness of the steel is 200 MPa -1 NV.

— Magnetic permeability in a field of 500 e равна1,255 micro Tesla/m.


Production of welded chemical equipment, for example, such as: heat exchangers, reactors, pipelines. Production of the tanks, which are operated in wet-process phosphoric, 55% sulfuric acid and acetic acid, etc. aggressive environments at temperatures up to 80 °C. Used in the equipment for manufacture of mineral fertilizers.

Wire make welding electrodes SV-02Х8Н22С6 for connections of fittings, joints in pipelines, repair welds equipment that operates in a radioactive environment. The sheet is used as a cladding layer in the production tsentrobezhnolityh pipes, coils for tubular furnaces and a two-layer corrosion-resistant hot-rolled sheets, plants for the production of ethylene, ammonia, carbon disulfide, etc.substances.

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