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Martensitic stainless steel

Martensitic stainless steel

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What is martensite?

Martensite is the basic structural component of steel after quenching, which is a solid supersaturated ordered carbon solution in α-iron. It has an acicular microstructure. It was first described by Mark Martens, a well-known expert in the field of fatigue problems of various metallic materials. It was in his honor that martensite was named.

Crystal cell

The crystal lattice of the carbon solution in α-iron is tetragonal. Each of its elementary components is described by the shape of a parallelepiped (rectangular). At the center and the tops of the cell, iron atoms are located, and carbon atoms are located in the volumes of the cells. The high strength properties and hardness characteristic of martensitic stainless steels are due to the nonequilibrium structure of martensite, characterized by significant internal stresses

Delivery, price

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