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CuNi30 - Alloy 24 - C71500 - Sheet, strip

CuNi30 - Alloy 24 - C71500 - Sheet, strip

Buy at affordable prices from the manufacturer of sheet metal (sheet or tape), made of copper-nickel alloy grade CuNi30 (other names — Alloy 24, C71500), offers the company AvekGlob. The supplier ensures the timely delivery of products to any address specified by the consumer.

Composition and application

Copper alloy CuNi30 (Alloy 24, C71500) is characterized by moderate strength, workability, ductility and weldability. In North America, the composition and properties of this alloy are regulated by the requirements of ASTM B466 and ASME SB466 standards.

The alloy finds the greatest application in areas where an optimal combination of high temperatures and mechanical pressures is required with a high rate of movement of liquid (or gaseous) working media with appreciable flow turbulence. The low iron content, up to 0.5%, gives the alloy CuNi30 (Alloy 24, C71500) a sufficiently high resistance to corrosion, as well as to stress corrosion cracking, which makes it very suitable for use in marine applications or in various chemical, medical or the food industry. Most often, from the alloy under consideration, pipes of heat exchangers, pipelines for pumping chlorine-containing media, heat exchanger housings, etc. are produced. The recommended application temperature at which the alloy does not lose its corrosion resistance is 350… 370 0 С.

The chemical composition of CuNi30 alloy (Alloy 24, C71500) is given in the table:

Cu Pb Zn Fe Ni Mn  

The minimum percentage


- - - 0.40 29.0 -  

The maximum percentage


The basis 0.05 1.0 1.0 33.0 1.0  

Notes. 1. The chemical purity of copper should not be less than 99.5%, while in the composition of copper there may be some silver. 2. The table shows the total percentage of nickel together with cobalt.

AvekGlob Company sells sheet and tape from copper-nickel alloy of CuNi30 brand (Alloy 24, C71500) at economically advantageous prices. The supplier provides a guaranteed delivery of sheet metal to any point set by the customer.


Basic physical characteristics of the alloy:

Density, kg / m 3 — 8940;

Melting point, 0 С — 1175;

The coefficient of thermal expansion in the temperature range 20… 200 0 С, μm / deg — 9,0;

Coefficient of thermal conductivity, W / mdg — 29;

Specific heat capacity, J / kggrad — 377.1;

Modulus of elasticity, GPa — 152.

Basic mechanical characteristics of the alloy:

The limit of time resistance, MPa — 360… 450;

Yield strength, MPa — 195… 325;

Relative elongation at tension,% — 30… 10;

Hardness according to Rockwell (scale B), no more than — 45.

Technological features of the alloy: weldability by all types of welding — good, plasticity in the cold state — good, mechanical machinability — satisfactory.

Company Avecglob proposes to purchase at affordable prices from the manufacturer sheet metal (sheet and tape) from copper-nickel alloy CuNi30 (Alloy 24, C71500). The supplier immediately delivers the products to any point agreed by the customer.