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Molybdenum rod

Molybdenum rod


Molybdenum rods are different mechanical strength, refractoriness, corrosion resistance. In an aggressive liquid or gaseous media, they are not destroyed, have a high modulus of elasticity, low coefficient of thermal expansion. These advantages allow the use of molybdenum rods in the most demanding process conditions. Compared with tungsten — molybdenum rods easier almost doubled, so have a large specific strength (at t° to 1370°C).

Physical quality
The temperature at which the obtained data the features of t°C 20°C
The linear thermal expansion coefficient α [1/°C] Of 4.9x10-6
Density [g/cm3] 10,2
The melting temperature t°C 2620°C
Specific heat at 20 °C [kJ/(kg·deg)] 0,256
The thermal conductivity K [W/(m·K)] 142
Electrical resistivity R, Mhmm2/m 0,054

Chemical properties

Mo is stable in cold alkali, but hot slowly destroyed. It dissolves hydrochloric, sulfuric acids at 80 °C. Nitric acid, Aqua Regia dissolve it only at 100 °C. the Impurities of carbon, oxygen, silicon, aluminum, nitrogen, iron, sulphur, calcium, phosphorus significantly change its properties. The bulk of these impurities increases the fragility. Most harmful of all impurities is considered to be oxygen. If it is contained in a volume 0,0008−0,004%, the low-melting oxides can lead to a sharp increase in brittleness of the material, hindering plastic deformation, especially in the simultaneous presence of carbon with nitrogen. With increasing percentage of oxygen than 0.015%, the processing pressure because of the fragility becomes impossible.


Molybdenum refers to rare earth elements, in its purest form is quite difficult to identify, it is refractory and hard to work — all this affects the high cost of the final products.

Production of molybdenum rods

Mark Mo Surface condition Diameter, mm Length, mm
Limit deviation Nominal More No more
MCH Not moulded ± 0,5 16. 350
± 1,0 16 — 20 every 1 350
± 1,5 20 — 28 every 2 200
± 2,0 28 — 40 every 2 150
Turned ± 0,5 16 100 500
± 0,8 16 — 20 every 1
± 0,8 20 — 36 every 2
MCIT Not moulded ± 0,5 16 250
± 1,0 16 — 20 every 1 250
± 1,5 20 — 28 every 2 200
± 2,0 .28 — 40 every 2
± 2,5 40 — 6 0 every 2 150
± 2,5 .60 — 125 every 5 100
Turned ± 0,5 16 100 500
± 0,8

16 — 20 every 1

20 — 36 every 2

36 — 60 every 2

± 1,0 .60 — 120 through each 5

All bars must be straight, and the deflection must not exceed the length of the 1%. Color bars — black to dark gray. The thickness of wire brand of MK up to 11 mm, MPH, MCH more than 15 mm allowed deviation from the nominal length, 10% of the length of bars. The ends should be cut straight and allowed only minor chips. Wrought iron rods on its surface may have traces of oxidation or processing that does not contradict the specifications. The surface must not have delamination, cracks, and large burrs, the allowable presence of slight burrs and traces of edits. Rods brand MPR according to the technical requirements, permitted a single large burrs.


Molybdenum rod is designed for the manufacture of products, operating in conditions of high mechanical loads and temperatures. It is indispensable for heat treatment of steel alloys pressure (matrix mandrel piercing mills, presstampa). It is made from moulds and cores for equipment intended for casting copper alloys, zinc, aluminum under pressure. Rod molybdenum is used for the welding of creep resisting and low alloy steels. It is used in the glass industry in the form of stirrers and melting electrodes for glass melting.

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