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Are you interested in the designation of sizes of round, bar stock or forgings from the vendor — the company AVEK global? Here you will find the necessary information on this issue

Buy bulk metal — round, rod, and forgings in the required range at prices from the manufacturer are offered by the company AVEK global. The supplier ensures the delivery of products to any place specified by the consumer.

The markings of the circle or bar

Determining the diameter and material of the bulk metal is produced at the marking of his party, which is performed in accordance with the requirements of GOST 2591−81 (hot-rolled square steel), GOST 8559−85 (calibrated square steel), GOST 7417−85 (calibrated round steel) and GOST 14955−97) quality round steel with special surface finish).

For example, hot rolled square divided by the curvature, the accuracy of rolling, the length and its limit deviation 2.1. assortment GOST 2591−2006:

Parameters of conformity of steel hot rolled square bar GOST 2591−2006 Subgroups The abbreviation for symbol (also used in conventional labeling of hot-rolled square)
Accuracy rolling Improved accuracy B1, B2
Normal precision B1, B2, B3, B4, B5
Length Measuring length MD
Measuring with non-standard length MD1
Length dimensional CD
Length dimensional, random length КД1
Random length ND
Length constrained by the limits of random length OD
Length-constrained with random length EA1
Square steel supplied in rolls NMD
Limit deviations of length
(this option is only applicable for rental
dimensional and multiple dimensional sizes)
Group DB
Group VD
The curvature Class I
Class II
Class III
Class IV

Buy bulk metal of any size and shape of the cross section at competitive prices, the manufacturer offers the company AVEK global. The supplier ensures the delivery of products at any address specified by the customer.

The symbol of the circle

Marking applied directly on metal, if it is not subject to the packaging and on labels if the products are Packed in Hanks or bundles of skeins.
Marking perform the shock way — marking (hand or machine), electroretinogram, labeling of water-resistant film, colored lacquer or indelible dye composition, dye. For steel that is not subject to the packaging, marking applied at a distance of not more than 200 mm from the end of each rod or billet (of all types).
Allowed for mechanical marking thread to mark a different distance from the end of steel, but not more than 500 mm.
Labels are firmly attached to the studs with hand, convenient for viewing, or placed in a special pocket. In the case of the hanging of the two last labels are attached to the straps of a pack or bundle. The material of the labels and their attachment must ensure their safety during transportation and unloading. Marking of steel products, not subject to the packaging must contain:
— name and (or) the trademark of the manufacturer;
— grade of steel or its symbol indicating the decoding in a quality document;
— melting number or its designation indicating the decoding in a quality document;
— the batch number, if the melt is divided into parties;
— size.
Buy rod, circle, forged at factory price offered by the company AVEK global. The supplier shall ensure the shipment of products to any place specified by the consumer.