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Sheet, rod, circle PT-3V titanium grade 9

Sheet, rod, circle PT-3V titanium grade 9

Alloy grade PT are similar to titanium alloys, which are designed KM research Institute «Prometheus» for marine use. These alloys composition does not match the common alloys and aerospace materials.

Production and advantages of a sheet of stamps ПТ3В
Prefabricated Heat treatment Plasticity of δ% Strength (MPa) KCU j/cm3
Sheet Bimodal (отжиг910°C15 min.) 15,6% 749 100,9
Sheet Fibrous structure 14,9% 745 110,2

Globular fine grain,

890 °C, 1 h.

17,9% 766 101,7

Plate coarse

(800 -1050°C, 30 min)

16.7% of 766 95,8

The globular krupnoporistoj,

800 °C, 48h.

19,5% 761 101,6

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