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Indium wire In-0 - indium N3

Indium wire In-0 - indium N3

General characteristics

Its name is derived spectroscopic lines of indium (Indigo). Indium is a silvery-white metal and is fusible, significant softness, malleability. In their chemical qualities of indium is very close to gallium and aluminum, and in appearance is similar to zinc.

Physical properties
Atomic (molar) mass, g/mol 114,818
Oxidation 3, 1
Density [g/cm3] Of 7.31
The melting temperature t°C 153°C
The heat of fusion kJ/mol 3,24
The thermal conductivity K [W/(m·K)] 81,8
Heat of evaporation kJ/mol 225,1

Finding India in a whole range of minerals found in the form of low-interest impurities. In high Fe sphalerite its content is a few tenths of a percent in the frame and chalcopyrite — an order of magnitude less, and in pyrrhotite and cassiterite — thousandths of a percent. In wolframite, arsenopyrite, pyrite concentration of indium is several grams per ton. The overall composition of this element in the Earth’s lithosphere is 0.25 g/t and seawater — 18гр/t

Indium nowadays prepared from intermediate industrial waste zinc, copper, lead and tin. Despite its meager content (to 0.1%) and its separation from cadmium, copper, zinc, antimony and other — rather difficult occupation, it’s worth it: it indium in very high demand. The first concentration is its separation from zinc, cadmium, and copper. The raw material is treated with sulfuric acid, dissolving metals and by hydrolytic deposition stands out a concentrate, which is achieved due to the change of acidity of the solution. Precipitated cadmium hydroxide at pH 8, hydroxide of copper and zinc, with 6. For the «planting» of indium hydroxide is required indicator of solution pH to increase to 4. «Rough indium» is recovered by cementation from concentrate on aluminum and zinc, and «clean India» is produced by refining with the use of zone melting.

Manufacture of round, wire

Initially made of cylindrical shape ingot (indium circle), which in consequence is subjected to pressure treatment. It is made from brand India Ин00 (purity is 99.999%) with a diameter of 21−25 mm and length of 60 mm or with a diameter of 22−24 mm, length 63 — 67 mm. the surface of the samples may have bumps and shrink holes. But such flaws cannot go beyond the boundaries of the permissible deviations on dimensions of the rod.


Modern technology is impossible without the use of indium wire. Wire India used in semiconductor microelectronics with silicon and germanium. Wire is used as a component of fusible alloys and solders.

Due to the exceptional adhesion of India with many materials, for example, soldering of metal with glass. Wire is used as sealing gaskets for sealing the particle accelerators and spacecraft. A sufficient capture cross section for thermal neutrons of the wire is important in nuclear power. Indium strip and wire indispensable in the manufacture of electrodes in electroplating. Electrochemical interaction of mercury oxide with indium finds use in high-energy batteries. Indium is softer than lead five times. Using indium wire manufactured coating to reduce friction between moving parts of machinery. Coating on aluminum piston skirts in diesel indium reduces wear.

Indium is supplied in the vehicles covered. With the help of rail transportation are transported in small parts. Stamps India Ин00, Ин00 come in the form of pyramids or bars, weighing 0.05 to 1 kg. Other brands — less than 3 pounds. Surface samples India may have bumps and shrink holes. Each of the bars marked. Indium bullion brands Ин000, Ин0000 packaged separately, each in plastic wrap and brand Ин00, Ин0 can be folded in pairs. Indium wire is stored indoors in the original packaging, insulated from contact with dust and aggressive environment. Warranty period of storage — 5 years.

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