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ХН63МБ - ЭП758У sheet, round, wire

ХН63МБ - ЭП758У sheet, round, wire

The alloy ХН63МБ is used in the production of chemical welded equipment, which is operated in highly aggressive environments (in hydrochloric acid, phosphate, sulfuric acid, acetic and hydrohalic acids, etc.). From this alloy, the equipment is produced, which is necessary for the synthesis of acetic acid from methanol and carbon oxide, ion-exchange resins, polypropylene, chemical-pharmaceutical preparations and other products of organic synthesis. Alloys are materials that consist of two and several chemical components, of which one is the basis of the alloy (metal). High-temperature alloys are metal materials that have high resistance to fracture when exposed to high temperatures, plastic deformation and oxidizing media.

Chemical composition of alloy ХН63МБ

Ni C Fe Cr Cr Mn P Mo Si S
Basic. ≤0,02 ≤0.5 20 20 ≤1 ≤0,015 16 ≤0,1 ≤0.012

The density of the alloy is 8.9 g / cm3. The mechanical properties of the alloy vary depending on the temperature acting on the alloy. Specific electrical resistance at temp. 20 ° C — 1,75 · μΩ · mm2 / m, specific heat at temp. 20 ° C — 392 J / (kg · K). The alloy has a coefficient of thermal conductivity in the range 0.126 x 10² W / (m · K), magnetic permeability at a temperature of 20 ° C is less than 1,001; Modulus of elasticity at a temperature of 20 ° C — 20 • 10−4, N / mm2. This steel, thanks to this chemical composition has a high weldability, which allows you to produce a variety of designs without the use of technological special equipment, and without additional heat treatment at the end of welding.

The alloy grade KhN63MB with increased requirements for the structure of the unit or mechanism, undergoes this kind of heat treatment, such as heating to a temperature of 1000 — 1100ºC with further cooling in water or air. Such heat treatment promotes the normalization of internal stresses in the alloy and increases the strength characteristics of the parts.

Using alloy ХН63МБ

Pipes of the first class are used in various designs to hide the cable, in the production of scaffolding, for the supply of various liquids, for example, heating systems and water supply systems, in irrigation systems.

The second class pipes are used in conditions of low and high pressure. They can be used in pipelines for the supply of oil, water, gas and various products in industrial petrochemicals. The third class of austenitic-ferritic pipe is used in high-pressure systems. Such pipes are often used in the nuclear and chemical industry, in various furnaces and boilers, in the manufacture of a furnace conveyor, in the manufacture of boxes for further cementation. Fourth class pipes are used as auxiliary elements, as well as for various geological exploration work as drilling. The fifth class of steel pipes is used in the production of cars, poles, bridge cranes, in the woodworking and furniture industries. The higher class is the sixth class of pipes used in engineering, the production of pistons, bearings and other parts operating at high pressure.

Welded structures, assembly modules, parts made of alloy ХН63МБ, are intended for long-term operation in oil refining, gas processing, chemical and petroleum industries at temperature not higher than 850ºС. This alloy is used in the production of pipelines of different cross-sections, in the manufacture of heat exchangers, tanks and so on.

Physical properties ХН63МБ

From 20 to 100 ° C From 20 to 200 ° С From 20 to 300 ° С From 20 to 400 ° C From 20 to 500 ° C From 20 to 600 ° C From 20 to 700 ° C From 20 to 800 ° C From 20 to 900 ° С
Α · 106, K-1 9.45 9.85 10.25 10.55 10.8 10.8 11.25 11.65

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