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Babbit B83 - Super Tough babbit

Babbit B83 - Super Tough babbit

Characteristics of babbit B83

Babbit — antifriction bearing low-melting alloy of antimony with tin and copper, or — antimony with lead, copper and tin, or — an alloy based on aluminum and zinc. The antifriction property is given to them by the structure of heterogeneous solid particles, which serve as a support for bearings encased in a soft base of lead or tin. This will give uniform contact and wearability of bearings to the shafts, small friction and wear resistance. Manufacturing — pigs. Brands: B-88, B-16, BN, B-83.

Advantages of Babbit B83

  • The most popular antifriction alloys;
  • The index of wear resistance is higher than that of the lead alloy;
  • Cheaper babbita B88;
  • Coefficients of friction of lubricant 0,28 (without lubricant), 0,005 (with lubrication);
  • Loads: 400 kgf / cm2 (static), 1000 kgf / cm2 * s (dynamic), 100 kgf / cm2 * s (percussion);
  • The maximum rotational speed is 60 m / sec;
  • Heating 110 ° C (above zero);
  • Fill thickness ≥1 mm.

Disadvantages of Babbit B83

  • Low strength (impact loads);
  • Application in bearings subject to vibration and filled with a thin layer — is unacceptable.


Material composition (%)
Alloy Brand Fe As Al Pb Cu Sb Zn Sn Bi
B83 ≤0.1 ≤0,05 ≤0.05 Up to 0,35 From 5.5 to 6.5 From 10 to 12 ≤0.004 From 80,941 to 84,5 ≤0.05

Application of Babbit B83

  • Casting of bearing and friction parts;
  • Turbine, crosshead, frame and crank bearing low-speed diesel;
  • Support bearing of the propeller shaft, turbocharger, turbo pump;
  • Bearing of ship and stationary steam engine (power more than 500 kW);
  • Bearing of heavy machine-building equipment;
  • At high speeds and dynamic loads;
  • Eccentric cone crusher;
  • Bearing high speed gear stand.

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