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SV-06Х19Н9Т welding wire stainless steel

SV-06Х19Н9Т welding wire stainless steel


For the production of welding wire of stainless steel of high quality is necessary high-tech equipment that increases production accuracy and improves product quality. It uses the following grades of steel: 12H18N9, 10H17N13M3T, 10H17N13M2T, 17H18N9, 12X18H9T, 12X18H10T, 12H13, 40X13, 20X13, 30X13. The composition of welding stainless wire must match the material of welded products.


The main requirement of GOST 18143−72 to the wire is a smooth, clean surface, without any shells, bundles, cracks, traces of oil, scale or rust. When purchasing welding wire, it is necessary to pay attention to the alignment of the coils was tight, there was no entanglement. Welding wire factory made fully compliant with the state standard.


Welded stainless steel wire can be cold drawn or heat treated (or bright annealed ascidians — with the colors of a tint). Wire 12X18H10T is delivered without any surface oxides and oxide tint. The accuracy of the production is N — normal and N — enhanced. The physical properties of the wire are determined by the plasticity of the 1st and 2nd class.


As a rule, the welding process is applied cold drawn wire, having many advantages, also has a low cost. With the help of stainless cold drawn wire is made joining steel in the following grades: 08KH18N10T, 12KH18N9T, 08H18N10. Welding of this wire gives a flawless seam. The wire has excellent corrosion and performance. It is usually used for welding of pipelines of various capacities in the engineering, energy, food industries.

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